11 Smart Ways To Make Your Unpaid Summer Internship Worth It

11 Smart Ways To Make Your Unpaid Summer Internship Worth It

Don't turn down amazing opportunities just because they're unpaid.


Unpaid internships are often frowned upon because you lose the opportunity to maximize your summer income. However, this often leads to students giving up extraordinary opportunities and resume builders to wait tables or do something else unrelated to their studies.

Here are 11 ways to accept that fantastic internship while still making money and being productive this summer:

1. Get a part-time job.

If your internship is flexible enough, you can have a part-time job on top of your internship for extra cash. If you intern in the morning, wait tables in the evening. If you intern at night, nanny or work at a cafe during the day. Use the extra time in your day to your advantage.

2. Limit unnecessary purchases. 

Do you really need that Venti Starbucks iced latte? Save money when you can because those seemingly small purchases definitely add up and avoiding them will help your bank account and your stress levels.

3. Manage your time wisely. 

Use the time that you're not interning to research ways you can make some extra money or ask around for additional opportunities. On top of this, use free time to be productive about your responsibilities (school, finances, socially, etc).

4. Drive around town...

Ever thought about signing up to be an Uber or Lyft driver? It might seem weird at first, but after you're done working for the day or on Friday and Saturday nights, drive people around and get paid for it! This could definitely be a good use of your time instead of sitting on your phone or watching Netflix.

5. Sell things that you don't need anymore! 

Use sites and apps like Poshmark, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more to sell things you no longer use or need!

6. Use the unpaid internship to your future advantage.

Network and make those connections last! You never know when you might need a reference or boost in the future. Relationships made during unpaid internships can pay off in the future and make it all worth it. Remember that!

7. Sell your skills!

Are you good at something online, like website building or blogging? Are you educated in fitness? Look for an individual or company that can use your skills and offer to help them out for compensation.

8. Research scholarships, grants, and aid. 

If you have trouble finding time to make money during an unpaid internship, or if it's full time, research ways you can save money down the road. For example, research and apply for academic scholarships from your school or from a third party. Although it won't feel like making money or immediate savings, you'll thank yourself later on.

9. Take in as much as you can and apply it to your life.

Even though you aren't getting paid for your work, you'll still be learning so much from experts, and it's important that you pay attention and absorb all that you're learning. You'll find that your new sense of the field will help you get even better internships and jobs down the line.

10. Set goals!

Set realistic goals throughout your time interning-- both financial and internship specific goals. This will help you work towards something instead of thinking about how your work is unpaid.

11. Don't slack.

Make the most of the time you spend interning and make extra cash when you're able to. Don't spend your time stressing about money when you're supposed to be giving your all to your internship. Instead, try your best while you're there and learn from those around you. Look at it as a rewarding experience and not a waste of time.

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Professional Athletes Are Paid Too Much

Are pro-athletes really deserving of the monetary commission they receive?

For generations, children have aspired to become professional athletes. In the 1920's children wanted to be Babe Ruth; in 2012 children wanted to be Derek Jeter. The list of pro-athletes that influence the younger generation can go on and on. Looking back on elementary school yearbooks, the most common profession for youths has (and will continue to be) a professional athlete. Whether it involves the MLB, the NFL, the NHL, or any other professional league, children tend to pick this profession out of love for the specific sport. Yet, these innocent and uninformed children seem to strike gold by choosing one of the most economically successful jobs in the world.

While professional athletes dedicate most of their life to their respected sport, the amount they are paid to simply play games is absurd. For example, the average salary for a professional football player in the NFL is $1.9 million per year. Keep in mind that that is average, without external endorsements. Therefore, some athletes make much more than that. The crowd favorite Peyton Manning averages $19 million a year. Sports other than football also have averages that are incredibly generous. In the world of golf, the popular Tiger Woods makes more than $45 million a year. These pro-athletes make millions of dollars, most of whom have not received an outstanding education. In fact, some have not even received a college diploma.

Zooming out from the glamorous and indulgent world of professional athletics, taking a look at other professions seems to be much less appealing. How is it that jobs that are vital to the success of the public receive much less commission than jobs that revolve around running to catch a ball? The average pediatrician makes $173,000 a year. The average teacher salary is $50,000 a year. This does not mean that a professional athlete is any less of a hard-working, devoted, deserving professional. This also does not mean that the athletes have not pushed themselves and worked incredibly hard throughout the years to get where they are, but it does mean that there is a line where inequity takes over. Fame and fortune are showered upon athletes. Is it truly necessary to average out millions of dollars per year when people spend massive amounts of time researching and developing new policies, cures, or other ways to improve the condition of the world? The salary and status of professional athletes seems to be a major power imbalance in the world of careers.

Cover Image Credit: i.ytimg.com

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Why We Should All Feel Bad For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant put his career on the line during the NBA finals due to his love for basketball and the team. The decisions was very brave and courageous, but he was wronged in his return by the team.


Kevin Durant has had a hurt calf muscle for a few weeks. He was cleared to play Monday night ahead of game 5 when the Warriors were facing elimination on Monday night. The odd part of this was he was finally cleared to play by the team doctors when the Warriors were on the verge of losing the championship. The doctors said there is no way he could reinjure his calf, but instead he blew out his Achilles. I have been a critical person of Kevin for his basketball decisions, but this one gave me a huge amount of respect for him and I salute and appreciate his passion for the game.

The problem that I have with this is I find it wrong that he was cleared despite wanting to play. I respect Kevin for wanting to play and not let the fans or his teammates down and I understand his choice. He also felt better, but that does not mean he was ready to go play in an NBA Finals game without much practice or physical activity. The move in which he made that hurt his leg was a normal basketball move that he obviously was not ready for, so many people are thinking he hurt his Achilles instead of his calf in the first place which is much more serious.

The team doctors and management allowed him to play and it will have some impact on his career because he will miss a year and the Achilles injuries are proven to be the worst type of injury for a basketball player. The player loses athleticism, their vertical jump decreases, their ability to play as many minutes per game. Many players have suffered Achilles injuries in many sports and their game no matter what sport was never the same.

Kobe Bryant was a player who suffered an Achilles injury and he never played the same near the end of his career. He was never the same player. Dominique Wilkins was another player who suffered the injury in the 90s was able to come back and still have a few good years left. Kevin is 30 years old and will be entering his 13th season when he returns in one year and will most likely miss the entire 2020-2021 basketball season. He is a free agent this summer and is due to be paid nearly 200 million and there are many teams who love his game. He will still get paid a max contract despite his injury but it is possible he will never play as well as he did.

Kawhi Leonard was a player for the San Antonio Spurs last year when he came down with an injury. He was cleared to play in the middle of the season and he did, but he felt he was not playing to his potential. He then went to a personal doctor with no connection to the team and got a second opinion on his injury and they did not clear him to play. Kawhi was advised to keep resting and rehabbing his thigh injury and the Spurs kept insisting he play. This situation just goes to show you how the team does what is in the best interest of them instead of the player and that is wrong. I hope more athletes see this situation and try to avoid playing injured so they can get paid as they truly deserve because they work hard to be who they are.

Kevin Durant is a true competitor and has great love, heart, and passion for the game and I respect him playing through his injury. It is truly a shame what happened to top him because the basketball world needs him because he is one of the best players in the league and always competing for titles. The basketball world wishes him the best and we are all hoping he defies the odds and comes back as the all-time great player that he once was because he deserves it for putting it all on the line.

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