The Worst Disney Channel Original Movies

The Worst Disney Channel Original Movies

Ruining your childhood one made-for-TV movie at a time

Disney Channel Original Movies were a staple of our childhood. Don't lie, whenever you saw that group of racially diverse kids doing jump splits over the giant reels of film you knew it was about to be a great hour and a half.


But for every "Halloweentown" or "Luck of the Irish," there were a few that were just cringe-worthy, and no amount of nostalgia can make these seem any more cute or any less weird (or awful).

5. Pixel Perfect

Ricky Ullman falls in love with a hologram.

A computerized blow-up doll.

Out of the tens of people it took to write/direct/produce/market/star in this movie, not one stopped and pointed out the fact that they were making a kids movie about a boy who falls in love with a computer?

Spike Jonze got unending praise for his incredible film "Her," but I'm still convinced it's just a ripoff of "Pixel Perfect."

4. Susie Q

This would be adorable if one of them weren't dead.

A beautiful quasi-love story about two teenagers.

One just happened to have drowned 40 years before the start of the movie.

Again, nobody involved stopped to question this plot?

But they don't end up together (thank God). In the end, another girl who looks just like the ghost girl falls in love with Zach.

So he finds love with a girl who reminds him of the girl who drowned half a century ago, because every successful romance starts off with the phrase "you remind me of someone who died in a tragic accident..."

Also, I don't want to sound like a prude, but is that how teenagers dressed in the 50s? That looks like Victoria's Secret's Barbie-themed collection.

3. The Proud Family Movie

From 2001 to 2005, "The Proud Family" did what virtually no other Disney Channel shows did: provide programming directly aimed at African-American youth (representation is important, y'all). The episodes offered real lessons to be learned and they were always funny.

And then they gave us this.

The same show that explained and confronted serious issues of discrimination and acceptance for the benefit of children (remember the one where their Muslim neighbors' house got vandalized?) made a movie about a mad scientist and his peanut-headed mutants.

That's like Lil' Kim singing at Carnegie Hall. That's like going to Mexico and getting Taco Bell. It's a complete let down and just ... wrong.

2. Going to the Mat

A blind student proves his abilities to the wrestling team at his new school. Yay, great message, roll credits, kids everywhere learn a valuable lesson from a good movie.

But they kept going.

The last scene is what really kills me. After winning the state championship, Jason's teammates, finally accepting him for who he his, deny his disability to reporters, asserting that he is a normal student just like everyone else.

That's the equivalent of saying "Oh, I don't see race. I'm colorblind." No, he is obviously blind. Just say he's blind. It's not offensive, it's a fact. He helped win a state championship, y'all better acknowledge the fact that he did it without being able to see the other guy.

Disney taught us that when it comes to others' differences, shhh.

1. Don't Look Under the Bed







Whoever you are, you owe me money for night light lightbulbs, rosaries, and years of therapy.

This movie basically tried to teach us that if you mature and outgrow imaginary friends (you know, basic childhood development), demons will drag you off in the night. Disney, we get it, we'll stay young and keep buying your merchandise forever, just please, for the love of God, call off your horde of overacting monsters.

Lying on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watching movies like "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off" and "Cadet Kelly" really prepared me for my future of lying in bed with a box of wine and Netflix, and for that I'm grateful. But while many Disney Channel Original Movies had real lessons to offer, some had messages that ranged from nonexistent to flat-out wrong. I haven't watched the Disney Channel since "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" (I let go of my childhood, now the monsters under my bed are going to get me) so I can only hope that the quality and morals of these movies have improved.

Never mind.

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5 Things To Think About During Trans Week Of Visibility

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Trans week of visibility is March 25 through March 31, these are the five things you should keep in mind during those days (and at all times).

1. Using The Correct Pronouns Are Extremely Important

If you do not know which pronouns to use, just ask. When talking to a trans person do not assume their pronouns, hell- don't assume a cisgender persons pronouns it is always better to ask someones pronouns when you first start talking to them. Using the correct pronouns is a major step in accepting trans people and it makes us feel so much more accepted, loved, and respected. It isn't that hard to do, so just ask.

2. Dead Names Are Dead For A Reason

If you know a trans persons dead name, DO NOT SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. It is dead for a reason. When trans people change their name (or pronouns) it is to reflect how they truly feel on the inside and show it to the outside world. This is something that is personal and should not be shared with anyone. Deadnaming a trans person is violent. Once a trans person has told you "Hey, I go by this name now", use that new name. Embrace it, love it, accept it, move on.

3. Never Ask What Genitals Trans People Have Or Which Bathroom They Use

First off, this is none of your business and why do you want to know? This is very private information and unless you're a doctor performing surgery or a doctor treating a patient you do not need to know what genitals a person has. Nobody needs to know which bathroom a person uses. That's all I have to say about this. Just don't do either of these things.

4. The World Isn't That Safe For Us, So Please Try To Make It Safer

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5. Love Us, Respect Us, Support Us

That's all we ask.

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