15 Worship Artists And Bands That You Should Be Listening To

As someone who isn't really a fan of mainstream Christian music, I wanted to make a list for those of you who also don't prefer the typical Tobymac, or Chris Tomblin.

1. Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Ever heard of the song "Holy Spirit"? Well guess what, it's not Francesca Battistelli's song. It is actually Bryan and Katie Torwalt's. So go check the original version, and check out their new song above!

2. Hillsong United

I know you all know the song "Oceans," well this is by Hillsong United. But have you listened to their other songs? Go check out more!

3. Lauren Daigle

She has the most unique voice, and she is such an amazing role model for women in their 20s.

4. Elevation Worship

Not only is the worship amazing but I have been to the church many times, and it is phenomenal. (Shout out to my fam who works for Elevation church.)

5. John Mark Mcmillan

From Charlotte, NC, John Mark is one of the greatest Christian artists in my opinion. His music is so raw, artistic, and it will bring your hands up every time.

6. Jesus Culture

They have some amazing artists who are doing their own solo work (Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Kim Walker Smith, etc.), but the artists continue to serve for the church and they have some of the most compelling worship music I have ever heard.

7. Kim Walker Smith (and Skyler Smith)

Speaking of her, this woman's voice is so fantastic. She captures so much passion within her songs. She also sings with her husband, much like Bryan and Katie... talk about relationship goals. Have a listen to her singing.

8. Bethel Music

Please do yourself a favor and listen to all of Bethel's music. Everything is absolutely amazing, they also have a lot of solo artists making their own music as well who are very dedicated to serving with Bethel. (P.S. I have heard this on the mainstream radio, and it is Bethel's song so listen to this version!)

9. Amanda Cook

As mentioned above, Amanda Cook is one of the solo artists that has come from Bethel; take a listen to her solo work. She is fantastic.

10. All Sons and Daughters

I know you all have heard this song, definitely take a look at their other music too. You won't regret it.

11. David Crowder

This is my favorite Crowder song, it changed my life one night while I was at this Christian retreat. He is so rustic and unique. (fun fact: John Mark Mcmillan, mentioned above as #5, wrote "How He Loves," one of the songs that David Crowder is famous for singing!)

12. The Brilliance

These guys are fairly new, but need to be known because of their music. They are so real, and bring awareness to world issues. I saw them in concert with John Mark and as soon as I got home I saved their music to my Spotify! Go check them out.

13. Kings Kaleidoscope

They're wonderful, just wonderful. Very chill and rustic aesthetic them. Especially their cover of "Come Thou Fount."

14. Freedom Worship

Not only is this church from England, but the worship is fantastic. This is my favorite song from their album "Uncharted."

15. Housefires

Hey, guess what? This song was written by Housefires and began as their song, not Chris Tomlin's. But we will forgive Chris because he and Housefires are pretty great friends! But go ahead and listen to this version (pssst it is much better).

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