World, Meet Wakanda
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World, Meet Wakanda

From comic book to big screen, the wealthiest country in the Marvel world comes to life

World, Meet Wakanda
Marvel Studios

What's better than NBA Finals basketball between the Warriors and Cavs? Friday night, that question was answered when the world had its first look at Marvel Studios' Black Panther. Set to release during Black History Month (February 16, 2018) the upcoming film showcased its first teaser trailer, and honestly it couldn't have been anymore lit.

The tease was just enough to attract fans and newcomers alike while keeping each poised for more. For years, filmmakers and comic book lovers galore questioned how to bring the wealthy fictionalized nation of Wakanda to the big screen. A comic book fan myself, I was first introduced to the kingdom (and character) in the animated feature Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther

over a decade ago.

Ryan Coogler (Director) and the rest of the production team brought this child's fantasy to life, and I must say the kingdom looks incredibly dope. Marvel money really goes a long way and the filmmakers spared no expense in introducing the world to the nation of Wakanda.

Many characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) do not know about Wakanda mainly because of its policy of isolation for centuries. As to why Wakandans are closed off from the rest of the world it’s because of their resources but most notably the imaginary vibranium (the composition of Captain America's shield and Ultron's body).

The fictional metal originated from a meteorite that landed in Wakanda. Predecessors of King T'Challa (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman) had the materials necessary to stay self-sufficient, and even became technologically advanced because of vibranium as time went on. So advanced that even Tony Stark cannot fathom or create the feats Wakandan civilization has as shown above. Well that, and as I have stated isolation, keeping individuals from discovering such an invaluable resource.

Though Vibranium is important to their societal progress, they do not let that get in the way of their traditional values. Wakandans hold close to their cultural ties as seen in the trailer, truly blending the past and present.

Filmmakers drew a great deal of inspiration from East African cultures and customs, which again, what makes this upcoming movie wavy. It's literally a black film from the ground up with sufficient representation, amazing production, and historical implications through origin.

When thinking more in depth about Wakanda, and its isolation, they thwarted off centuries of European colonialism and exploitation. Yes, there were times vibranium was stolen from their homeland, but only few could successfully retrieve it.

The coolest aspect of the trailer that I think is beyond tough, is that fans and the world are seeing Wakanda for the first time just how the characters in the MCU are. When next February rolls around, best believe I'll be on the prowl watching cinematic history. So world, this is Wakanda, and though we only got a glimpse, we're on the verge of seeing this futuristic civilization in all its regal glory.

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