In A World Full Of Frowns, We Need More Smiles

If you tune into your local news channel, you are most likely aware of all the shootings, terrorist attacks, and drama that the world seems to be consumed in recently. Everyday more and more disasters occur around the world making the future seem dark. However, everyone is so focused on the negatives that they fail to notice the positive aspects of life that surround them everyday. In times like these, it is important for people to spread the positivity in the world and try to make those who have a hard time seeing the positive things smile. Here are ten simple acts to make someone smile.

  1. Hold the door open for someone: Taking the time out of your day to do this small action can make anyone smile, especially if they have their hands full.
  2. Compliment someone: A single compliment can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Even a small “hey, you look nice today” can turn anyone’s bad day into a good day instantly.
  3. Help out a neighbor: Mow their lawn, take out their trash, or walk their dog from time to time. Not only will this help bring a smile to their face but it will also help build positive relationships with those who live near you as well.
  4. Thank a veteran or active member of the military: They put their lives on the line so you can be safe and live a positive life. Just a small “thank you” could mean the world to them, and knowing that you appreciate their sacrifice will make them smile.
  5. Buy someone a drink or meal: Offer to take a friend or family member out for dinner, take a coworker out for a drink after a long day, or pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line. Taking the time and money to tell someone you appreciate them and want to do something nice for them is sure to leave a lasting smile.
  6. Say thank you to someone who has made your life better: This can be a good friend, family member, favorite teacher, coworker or anyone else who has made an impact on your life. Even if you can’t afford to buy them something nice, a simple thank you will brighten their day and make them smile.
  7. Tell someone at work that you appreciate what they do: Having a stressful day at work can bring someone down, tell those around you how much you appreciate what they do to lift up their spirits and make a otherwise stressful day positive and full of smiles.
  8. Volunteer: Taking time to help out the less fortunate at a food pantry, or spending time at an animal shelter will not only make one person smile, but multiple.
  9. Say “good morning” to someone as you walk past: For anyone who has had a rough morning, even this small act can brighten someone up for the rest of the day, and leave a lasting smile on their face.
  10. Make a donation: A donation of any size, big or small, can turn around the life of someone in need. Even I singke dollar donation to a cause can put a smile on many people's faces.
  11. Smile: There is no better way to make someone smile then to smile yourself. Happiness is contagious, so show the world your positive attitude and smile for everyone to see.

This list is only a portion of the many things you can do to make someone smile, any act, big or small can make a difference. So now, instead of being consumed by the negativity around you, spread the positivity. Next time you see someone having a bad day, I challenge you to make him or her smile. Then, tell someone about your act of kindness and encourage them to make someone in their life smile. If everyone does their part, soon the world will no longer be dark with hate, but bright with happiness.

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