6 Things To Do When Your World Is Falling Apart

There are times in life that we have to realize that not everyone has our best interest in mind. There are times that we are going to be let down by people, by friends or family even, that we thought would always have our backs. We're going to go through being stabbed in the back, being manipulated, or even being taken advantage of. It sucks, it hurts, and it can bring out the anger, the vengeance, inside of even the best of us. These things happen, it's true, It hurts, again, it's true. There are so many more things we can do, though, rather than freak out or burn bridges that we may need to cross again one day.

1. Vent

Let it all out. Call someone you trust, and let all of the yelling, all of the tears, and all of the hurt out. Let someone be there for you because chances are that they completely understand because it's happened to everyone.

2. Reflect

Think about what you would have done in that person's shoes, and if you would have done anything differently... just remember that everyone's mind works differently. Remember that no one has the same mind, no one's personalities are the same, and there are two sides to every story.

3. Keep moving

Regardless of the hurt you're feeling, you've got to keep moving forward. Keep your priorities straight, get your work done, don't let the situation that you had no control over wreck your plans for the future or mess anything up that you'll regret later.

4. Breakdown, if you need to

At the end of the day, after everything is said and done - go ahead and let yourself fall apart. Cry your eyes out in the shower, play your music way too loud, scream into your pillow, or even cry yourself to sleep if you need to. It's okay to break down, just like it's okay to hurt.

5. Remember the good things

Make a list of all the beautiful, good, things in your life. Be thankful for the people and the things you do have, and remember just how much you have to be grateful for.

6. Give it time

Whatever you may be going through, it's going to take time to move through the hurt, or the loss, that you're experiencing. You've just gotta let it pass, and have faith that you will be just fine - because you will.

You can do it, just don't let this beat you.

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