The Women's World Cup kicks off on June 7th and the anticipation by the US Sports media is pathetic. That does exclude Fox Sports because they made a bomb promo video. ESPN and Sports Illustrated however are not at all promoting Women in sports and a sport that doesn't make them millions in the US. I am going to argue here on why the USWNT and the 2019 FiFA Women's World Cup deserves more credit then people give it.

1. Inspirational

Women's Sports in this country as a whole do not gain the same respect and appreciation as their male counterparts. While some may argue this is fair because the women do not bring in enough revenue or are not interesting enough, I think this is ridiculous. Women's sports don't gain the exposure men's sports due and that can cause for lower revenue. However in the World of Soccer, the USWNT is beyond impressive. They sell out stadiums and have a large following set to inspire and drive young women all over the US to play soccer and sports in general. They also inspire kids to embrace who they are. The team has openly gay women (two players are actually engaged to each other!), they have Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, they have college graduates, teenagers, and moms. They have a team full of inspiration. they have a team where being physically fit matters more than to fit in society. They have a team that inspires a nation.

2. National Pride

It's been a while since a US soccer team has stepped onto the World Cup Stage. With the men failing to qualify, to opportunity for the US to be represented in such a fashion is a long time coming. The opportunity to see the red, white, and blue on the podium for a second straight time for the women would be incredible. The opportunity for the USWNT to show the world the strength and determination of the USA is something that everyone young and old, soccer fan or not, must enjoy.

3. True athleticism

So the US is good at a lot of sports but nothing compares to the athleticism of Soccer players. Yes Basketball players have to be physically fit, but if you are tall, you have a better chance at making it in the league. Football players have to be big, Hockey players have to be able to skate on ice, baseball players have to throw a ball far or fast. Soccer players have to be able to play 90 straight minutes (Longer than every other sport). Their skills with a soccer ball are the only thing that matters. Size is traded for speed. The focus on injury is uncommon; Julie Ertz played with her mouth bleeding, Abby Wambach (retired now) played after having her head stapled on the field (that really happened look it up). The USWNT prove to the world that to play like a girl means to never give up. Seeing 11 women take the field with the red white and blue show the power and pure athleticism of women soccer players.

If you don't trust me, Watch the USWNT in the World Cup and see for yourself. If you do trust me still watch. Watch anyway. GO USA!

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