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15 Sports Schools That Will Make You Realize Football Isn't The Only Thing On Their Minds

These schools top the charts for most combined varsity sports wins, which make for a solid basketball and football school. So if you're stuck trying to choose in between where to go to school, luckily with these universities, you can have both.

15 Sports Schools That Will Make You Realize Football Isn't The Only Thing On Their Minds

From the rocky mountains in Oregon to the sweet southern thrill of Alabama, you can find a solid college sports team across the nation. But, how many different schools can you go to a good basketball game in the winter, tailgate like crazy for a football game in the fall, and have a stunning soccer team to watch in the spring? Very few. These schools grace the top of the charts for having decent sports teams across the board, so you'll never have to choose between a basketball and a football school again.

West Virginia University 


Despite the fact their most national championships are in rifle shooting, they're consistently near the bottom of the poll rankings in basketball and football each year. Country Roadssss, take me homeee.

University of Oklahoma 


Boomer Sooner? Located in Norman, OK, the Sooners rack in solid rankings from gymnastics, wrestling, football and basketball.

University of Texas at Austin  


An all-around school, the Longhorns have tons of conference championships and a few national ones in a variety of sports. Not impressed? Might help that the Matthew McConaughey is an alum...

Ohio State University 


If the Buckeyes sweet marching band isn't enough, they're reigning national champions in women's synchronized swimming. O-S-U!



Despite the fact that their winters are death and walking across campus in the snow is worse than the path to Mordor, they have some solid sports teams across the board. Known especially for their lacrosse team, the 'cuse orange has something for everyone.

Michigan State University 


Constantly ranked in basketball and put up a good fight for football, especially against their Michigan rivals, the Spartans make moves. They also have a notable club rugby and water polo teams that often go to nationals.

University of Florida 


CHOMP CHOMP IN THE GATOR SWAMP. Gainsville, FL is home to 20 men's and 19 women's national championships along with several conference championships and a whole lot of school spirit.

Virginia Tech 


From Frank Beamer to Michael Vick, the Hokies have notable alum and a great sports programs in the southern mountains of Virginia. So take a trip to Lane Stadium and jump to the Enter Sandman for the Hokies!

Clemson University 


Clemson is probably the most diverse school in the world of sports. Despite their lack of national championships, they're consistently ranked in a lot of different sports and always on ESPN's radar.

University of Oregon 


As one of the most loved mascots, the Oregon duck cheers on every Oregon game from their cool forest basketball floor to their roaring football stadium. Not to mention the owner of Nike, Phil Knight, went there which makes the school cooler than it already is.

Texas Christian University 


Not sure how sinful booty shorts on cheerleaders are, but TCU doesn't seem to mind. Although the Frogs have not seen a football national championship since the 30s, they still frequently are on the polls and have a good reputation despite their challenges in the Big 12 conference.

Notre Dame University 


An old consistently solid team, Notre Dame has a reputation that they need to regain to get back in the groove in sports. Their low acceptance rate makes it difficult to be a fan unless you're from the area, but the Fighting Irish has such a sensational atmosphere that is hard to overlook. Cue the chant, "RUDY, RUDY, RUDY."

University of Alabama 


2nd and 26??? From Tua to Jalen, Bear Bryant to Saban, the Crimson Tide has the most football national championships in the poll era, and yes is indeed a football school, yet members of the Tide like Colin Sexton or Justin Thomas could say otherwise. Bama is an all around place and they don't call it "Title Town" for nothing.

University of Louisville 


Although farther west than other ACC teams, the Louisville Cardinals have only two national championships from their men's basketball team, they have solid athletes and recruits that are interested in playing for them left and right. Despite their rivals up north in Big Blue country, the cardinals bleed red and white.

University of Wisconsin 


Last but not least, Go Badgers Go. The University of Wisconsin men's basketball team has made the final four back to back in 2014 and 2015 as well as making appearances in championships in other sports such as ice hockey and XC. Not to mention, the Packers are only a two-hour drive away and the whole state of Wisconsin is always hype from NCAA Saturdays to NFL Sundays.

Although some of these schools don't have the gleaming trophies and record-breaking point guards and QBs that others do, they all make a solid and consistent appearance in the polls that permit them to make this list. So next time you hear a high school senior struggling to choose a football or basketball school, let them know they can have everything they always wanted on one campus.

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