When you were a little kid, you used to dream about visiting Disney World. And as an adult...you still dream about visiting Disney World. If you finally decide to take your love to the next level and work inside the park, be warned. Life as a cast member is rewarding, but the pixie dust overdose will almost certainly cause you to develop some strange new habits. Here are nine things you'll only catch yourself doing if you've been brainwashed by Mickey and his friends.

9. Calling little girls "princesses."

When a little Cinderella is walking down Main Street U.S.A with her family, it's customary to wish her royal highness a great day. Saying "Excuse me, princess" as you move past a kid in a Dunkin' Donuts, however, is just weird.

8. Trying your hardest to keep character integrity.

"Yeah, my roommate Greg is friends with Goofy....No, Mom, Greg is not Goofy. There's only one Goofy, remember?....He's 'friends with Goofy'....No...Mom...okay fine, he's Goofy! He plays Goofy, alright!?"

7. Pointing the "Disney" way.

Your friends think it's weird how you always stop to give lost visitors directions around your college campus. And they think it's extra weird how when you do, you always point with two fingers and explain where to go in a cheery voice. You wonder if you should try to explain or just let them keep thinking you're training to be a flight attendant.

6. Bartering with your cast members friends.

When you find your friends when they're working, you know you're going to be hooked up with a "magical moment." Fast Pass for Space Mountain? Free Mickey Ice Cream Bar? Complimentary Frozen Balloon? Just an average day for a VIP like you.

5. Power walking through crowds.

Your non-Disney friends can't understand how you can navigate through dense crowds in a split second. But there's no time to explain that you developed your eagle eye during your trips to the bathroom, in which you had to cross through a sea of people quickly lest you be stopped and asked 17 different questions. Instead, you just tell them you're a fast walker and urge them to keep up.

4. Getting hit up for tickets.

"Hey, I know we haven't talked in like eight years, but could you get me and my entire family into Disney for free???"

3. Making up elaborate stories for guests.

"Oh, that rope attached to the top of the castle? That's just Mickey Mouse's washing line. His underwear were hanging up there this morning and Tinker Bell had to fly up and get them down for him. It was so embarrassing!"

2. Singing every single word to the shows and parades.

Forget the "Festival of Fantasy" entertainers. Your lip-sync and dance performance to each passing float is Tony worthy.

1. Crying at the firework show.

There's just something about everyone falling silent for ten minutes, holding their family members close and watching the fireworks light up the sky just above Cinderella's Castle. You know you've seen it more times than you can count, but that doesn't make you any less emotional about it.

No matter how you feel about The Mouse now, you've had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, made friends from all around the world and visited the park more than most people can even dream of (or afford). So keep telling people to have a magical day, and ignore the strange looks from the members of the real world.