7 Things Students That Work Part-Time Are Tired Of Hearing
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Student Perspective

7 Things Students That Work Part-Time Are Tired Of Hearing

"You can't eat this in class."


If you are a student and you work part-time you probably know the struggle of balancing classes, work, and a social life. It's hard to have shifts lined back to back with classes and if you're like me and constantly on the go back and forth from work to school, you've probably heard people ask you these annoying questions.

1. "You can't eat in this class."

Listen I just worked or am about to go to work. I pay thousands in tuition a year and as long as I'm quiet and don't leave trash I don't understand why I cant munch on some chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A.

2. "Did you do the assignment due in a few hours?"

This is the most stressful message to receive especially when you're working and you forgot about an assignment while at work and you can't check on it while you're working obviously.

3. "Why are you wearing black pants in ninety degree weather?"

It's my uniform for work. It's not my choice.

4. "Can you show up to this event within a short period of time?"

I have to work so unless you let me know a week in advance or so I can't just not show up from work to go to your event.

5. "Why are you leaving this party early?

I need to sleep before I open tomorrow.

6. "Why do you smell like that?"

A lot of people that, especially if you work around food," you will probably smell like your job. Say you work at a salad place or a fried chicken place, you will probably have the smell on you if you run to class after your shift.

7. "Why can't you ever answer your phone?"

I'm working! I can't exactly stop and answer my phone!

8. "What's your schedule like?"

It's very busy off the top of my head...Just letting you know.

9. "Why do you work so much?"

Because I have to pay my bills.

It may feel like your part-time is a full time because, at the end of the day after classes and work, there's not a lot of time left. Student's that don't work may not understand this but at the end of the day, you're making money so the pain and stress are worth it!

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