10 Phrases That Are Said By Every Girl On A Friday Night

College is all about the night life on weekends: the parties, the bars, and late night restaurant stops. I think almost every girl who goes out on every Friday night can agree to saying the same things each weekend. Whether it's about where you are going, what you are wearing, or who you are with, these are sayings I've slowly noticed that are said every Friday night by girls.

1. "Not going, I have nothing to wear."

Looking through the closet at least five different times, lowering expectations about how you want to look to find a shirt to wear, and passing the 10 different shirts with tags on that you bought the previous week to wear for the party you are getting ready to go to, then running over to your roommates closet and finding your to-go shirt and wearing it (which you now have worn that shirt more than your roommate has).

2. "Will you go to the bathroom with me?"

I don't think I've ever met a drunk girl who wants to go to the bathroom alone. I honestly don't know what it is, but I'm definitely guilty of this. I can't go to the bathroom alone on a Friday night.

3. "Should I text him?"

Guys like confidence -- always text him!

4. "OMG he texted back, what do I say?"

OK, say something like, "Yeah, I'm just at my apartment with my roommates right now, we're about to head to the bars. Maybe I'll see you there?!" LOL, seriously though, isn't that what your best friend always tells you to say?

5. "Does this make me look fat?"

Just don't ask this question. No, it doesn't make you look fat.

6. "Can you take a picture of us?"

What pose should we do? Candid? Totally.

7. "Should I post this on Instagram?"

With the following question, "What should the caption be?" "Do you like this filter or that one?"

8. "I'm so hungry, should we get some food?"

I mean, should this even be a question?

9. "I'm taking my heels off, I can't walk anymore."

*Takes shoes off* "Ouch, I think I just stepped on glass or something!"

10. "Is he cute or no?"

Let's go look!

Then the morning after, you wake up not remembering half the stuff you did, the Instagram posts you posted, and don't understand the empty pizza box in your bed, but the laughs and bruises are all worth it if you're with your girls...and a few hours later, you get ready and do it all again Saturday night.

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