16 Phrases Of Advice We All Need To Hear, Featuring Doug The Pug
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16 Phrases Of Advice We All Need To Hear, Featuring Doug The Pug

Who knew a cute, chubby dog could know so much about life?

16 Phrases Of Advice We All Need To Hear, Featuring Doug The Pug

Everyone has their bad days. Some people have them more often than not (we call these people pessimists). Fortunately for us, there are many cliche phrases of advice and inspiration that can get us through those unbearable Mondays -- and Doug the Pug is here to help. Here are some words of puggy-wisdom that Doug lives by that might make your bad day a little better.

1. Treat yo' self. Often.

Cheat days are for rule-followers. Donuts and ice cream are for those who can appreciate life's simple gifts.

2. Be yourself...even if that means you wear pink Crocs.

Not that Crocs are bad, and I can't promise that people won't judge you, but always pick comfort over style.

3. Appreciate the little things in your life.

Even if they might bark back.

4. Do what makes you happy, even if people judge you for it.

Hey...at least you're outside moving around!

5. Block out those haters.

Pull out those water-bug sunglasses and ignore the drama. Right now, you have to get your tan on.

6. Remember to take time for yourself to relax.

It's always okay to make yourself into a burrito and take a nap...or two..

7. Make new friends, even if you have differences.

Their unique qualities could end up being the reason why they're your best friends!

8. Tell your mom she's great. She might need to hear it.

...even if she looks like this in the morning.

9. Embrace your true pug beach-bod.

People will aspire to have your level of confidence.

10. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

...or the sunflowers...I'm not even sure if those smell good.

11. Sometimes it's okay to skip the dog party and stay in for the night.

Netflix and chi...cken nuggets sounds way better to me anyways.

12. Take some time to travel, the world is bigger than your doggie bed.

Make sure to take artsy selfies, too. People on Instagram secretly want to see how cute you look next to that palm tree.

13. Be nice to nature. The trees let you pee on them.

They don't mind, but make sure to give them hugs.

14. Make the best out of a bad situation.

Because the cone of shame is everyone's worst nightmare.

15. Keep your friends close.

Don't forget to make them feel uncomfortable either. That's what friends are for.

16. Lastly, love yourself and everyone else -- chubby rolls and all.

This world needs less hate and more pug rolls. Remember to treat yo' self and everyone with kindness and kisses.

The next time you're having a bad day, whatever day of the week it is, or if you need some motivation from a cute dog to get up in the morning, remember that Doug can help. His inspirational Instagram captions and cute pictures can be enough to make you smile even on a good day. For more pug rolls and crazy outfits, you can visit Doug the Pug on Instagram @itsdougthepug!

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