When you call a girl high maintenance, she probably gets mad and insists that she is the most laid-back easy-going human on the face of this planet. She might even yell and give you a list of reasons why she's not high maintenance.

Here's the thing: there is nothing wrong with being high maintenance. I'll admit that I am high maintenance. For the longest time I liked to think of myself as this super chill, one of the guys, go with the flow type of girl. That's just not true, like, at all.

When I say I'm high maintenance, I don't mean that I whine and throw fits and need everything done my way all the time. I will admit though, that if you ask my mom, she'll tell you that sometimes I am like that. Because sometimes I am. I like things the way I like them and I won't apologize for that.

1. Because my morning routine starts my day off the right way.

It's been carefully designed and streamlined to fit my needs and this means that I take it way more seriously than I probably should.

2. Make up and neat hair makes me feel put together.

I take myself more seriously if I look put together. I feel better, I feel like others take me seriously, and I somehow feel more productive. Even on my messiest days, trust me, I carefully chose that messy look and the over sized cardigan to complete it.

3. A fresh coat of nail polish makes me feel shiny and new.

I pretty much always do my own nails, but I sit down with a bottle of polish at least once a week. Besides making my nails look pretty, it gives me an excuse to pamper myself for an hour while I veg out with some cheesy teen drama T.V. show.

4. My planner is filled out for the entire semester already, and it's keeping me sane.

I cannot handle life without a planner. In grade school, we were all required to write our assignments in our planners and by high school, I was convinced that my planner was my best friend. As soon as I get a syllabus or info. about an event, I put it in my planner. I would go CRAZY without it. One of my coworkers told me recently that I have my life too planned out, but I just shrugged because I know that having everything planned keeps life running smoothly.

5. My cleaning routine is what helps me make it through the week.

This sounds a little crazy, but I'm totally serious. I clean my bathroom every week, do laundry once a week, regularly wash my bedding, I dust my room, and I vacuum. Everything needs to be clean and organized at all times. I won't live in a messy space and you can call me high maintenance for that all day long, but I can always find what I need and cleaning on a regular schedule means that cleaning never takes me a full day.

6. Because being high maintenance isn't really anything to be embarrassed about.

High-maintenance girls have such a lousy connotation, and I think that's ridiculous. It's okay to know what you like and to work for it. I won't be apologizing anytime soon.