A Thank You Letter to My Boyfriend

A Thank You Letter to My Boyfriend

For all the things I can never seem to say...

To My Wonderful Boyfriend,

There are so many things I want to tell you that I can never seem to put into words. Each day there is something new I begin to admire or love about you even more than the last. The amount of pride, admiration, trust, and love I have for you never ceases to amaze me. I know I do a terrible job at showing that sometimes so this is for the days that I can't put into words what you mean to me and for the days that you just need a little reminder you're doing an amazing job.

Thank you for Chick-fil-A dates...

You always seem to know when I need an 8-count meal to fix my hanger or when a cookies and cream milkshake is needed to fix a crappy week. This makes both my heart and tummy happy and it's greatly appreciated.

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone...

Before I met you I never would have willingly dressed head-to-toe in camouflage, sat in a deer stand, fished, or been silent for three hours while turkey hunting. Even though I made you think I hated doing every single one of those things, I actually loved it. I now have a new respect for nature because I did all of these things with you. Whether that be the breathtaking sunset I witnessed in the deer stand or the beauty of hearing trees rustle through the wind while silently sitting in turkey blind. These are things I know cherish because of you.

Thank you for dressing up...

You practically live in worn out blue jeans, t-shirts, and boots (I have grown to love this about you) but when you don't wear them I know it's a special occasion. Anytime we do something new, fun, or exciting I always notice that you wear something besides boots. This simple gesture means so much to me because I know that you view almost everything we do together as something special. So thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making every day with me a new adventure.

Thank you for having such a wonderful family...

Ever since the day I met them each one of your family members have made me feel so welcomed, loved, and apart of your family. I secretly love when your mom hugs me first sometimes, that your dad is just as sarcastic as I am about everything, and that your sister always seems to agree with me. More importantly than that though I love the way you love them. The respect you have while talking about them is so special to me. It is such a sincere and honest kind of love that you have for them and it is so beautiful to witness.

Thank you for making me relax...

Whether it's a weekend trip to come see you at school or a weekend at your parents house, you always make me feel so relaxed when I'm with you.We could do nothing but watch movies all day long and I feel one hundred times better just from being with you. It's also nice knowing that there is always a foot rub or back rub to be expected when I see you. You do so many things to make me feel at ease and that is the best feeling in the world.

Thank you for making time for me...

Your free time between school, work, and everything else you are apart of is practically nonexistent. I am honestly amazed that you accomplish everything you do and still make me feel so special. The way you balance everything is so admirable and something I will always look up to you for. I love you so much more because of the way you balance everything and still make me a priority.

Thank you for surprise notes...

Sometimes it's something as simple as a sweet good morning text or the sweet notes you leave me in my room that I find after date nights and sometimes it's the random letters I get in the mail telling me how much you love me. Each one of these make me smile from ear to ear and always turn my day around. In a world where everyone wants a sappy caption on Instagram, it's refreshing to have someone who shows how much they love me in a more personal way.

Thank you for loving me...

Never in a million years did I ever expect someone as wonderful as you to love someone like me. You have wiped away countless tears, made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, and made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world every single time I needed it. You continue to amaze me everyday with what all you do to make me feel so special. Thank you for accepting my flaws and loving me despite all of them. You have made me a better person and for that I will always be thankful.

I love you more than these words could ever say but I hope this gives you an idea of how thankful for you I truly am.


Your Very Sappy Girlfriend

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8 Hacks For Making Long Distance More Bearable, From The Girl Who's Made It Work

Long-distance relationships are hard, but not impossible.


There are hardships that come along with being apart from the person you love, but making it work can be just as rewarding. Long distance is never easy, but it does not have to be all bad...

1. Make time for each other

Especially when in a long-distance relationship, it is important to take time out of your day to remind your significant other that you care and are interested in what they are doing on a day to day basis. Even if you can't be together physically, it's important to be there for each other emotionally.

2. Trust your partner

Not seeing your partner can be hard, especially if you have trust issues going on in your relationship. It is important that you trust your partner 100%, so you are not always worrying about what they are doing when they are not texting you back.

3. Phone calls

Sometimes a bad day can be turned around simply by hearing your partners voice, sometimes texting gets old and a good ol' fashioned phone call can make all of the difference. Whenever I am feeling down, it always helps to call and talk things out, so I do not feel so alone.

4. Visit each other

Depending on the distance between you and your partner, visiting each other during breaks or whenever you have time can make things not feel so "weird" if you have been away from each other for a long time. My boyfriend and I live 2 1/2 hours away and we would take turns visiting each other. Not seeing each other for a couple of weeks, or months and then seeing each other again is a feeling I cannot describe. It makes you feel like everything you are doing is worth it, but it is important that visits are both sided, and one is not flying/driving to the other more.

5. Effort

The relationship will not work unless you want it too, and effort is key in this situation. One-sided relationships will never work, and will often leave the other person dissatisfied in the relationship. Initiation for visits, phone calls or even a simple text message being constantly from one partner is not fair and shows a lack of effort from the other person. If you care about someone you should want to do anything you can to reassure them that you care.

6. Don't obsess

It is easy to start obsessing about constantly talking to your partner and always being around to talk when they are free, but you need to make sure you do not start to lose yourself. Things could be amazing when you are together, but when you have to be apart it is important to stay busy and have relationships with other people in your life. It is easy to just want to sit in your room and talk to your significant other all day, but you need to live your life the way you normally would. Otherwise, what would you really have to talk about at the end of the night?

7. Cherish the time you have together

Finally seeing your significant other after extended periods of time can be bittersweet. The initial excitement can fade away when reality sets in and you know you will be a part in the next few days or weeks. Don't dwell on the fact that you will be apart again, but instead make the most out of every moment you have together. Utilize the fact one of you is in a new place and take these opportunities to make new memories and do new things together. Make each visit better than the last, yes it is sad it can't always be this way, but you have to make the most out of every situation.

8. What will be, will be

If the relationship is meant to work out it will, and if it is not that is OK. Do not force anything to try to drag a relationship along, if signs of distance are being shown from your partner, do not become blind to them and ignore it. Long distance is not for everyone and can become too much for some people, you have to understand it is not you that is the problem. As I said, what will be, will be and there is nothing you can really do besides put your all into the relationship.

I have been with my boyfriend for almost two years and a majority of our relationship has been long distance. I swore to myself I would never go into a long-distance relationship, but sometimes when you meet the right person it is all worth it. These eight tips have helped me in my relationship, not feel so alone, and keep my relationship happy and healthy.

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