It's A Women Wave & History Is Being Made

If you watch the news or follow any type of social media, you know that history was made about a week ago. This is a notable time for our country and should be recognized for generations to come. How is it that a change this drastic came to be? What acted as the rock to crack that glass ceiling?

At the end of the day, every vote mattered. Whether you were 80 years old or 18 years old, your vote was a contribution. But this midterm election resulted in the largest turnout of young voters. Perhaps our generation, men and women, are realizing that something needed to be different and maybe the representation of leadership needed to change.

Many of us were hoping the glass ceiling would be shattered two years ago, but unfortunately, that was not the case. However, many young people who were not able to vote at that time could not bear the monotony of a lack of representation in their country, so they took matters into their own hands this election season. I remember talking to many individuals who were not old enough to vote in the 2016 election and all they wanted to do was grab a ballot and be a part of a change. Well let me tell you, they definitely made themselves known this year.

I think it's important for all people to recognize what exactly is happening in our country. People of our generation and generations before us are not used to seeing women hold as many seats in the Senate as they do now. We sit on our couches in amazement and think, "Will this finally be the new normal?" Women having equal representation in our government is finally coming into existence. Hopefully, the voters that come after us will think of these historical moments as their normal within years to come.

Sure, the infamous glass ceiling may have not been completely shattered to pieces in 2016, but there are now many prominent cracks. Can we get it to break all of the ways? What else do we have to do to see more women representing our great nation? What can I do to help? These are all excellent questions that should motivate all of us to get involved! Do research on how you can contribute to future elections and what you can do to participate. While we definitely showed our strength and used our voices in a very loud way these midterms, I know we can be even louder. I am confident that our generation will get things accomplished; because, in two years, we need to be louder than ever.

This is such an eye-opening moment for us, and we should feel really good about the direction our country is going in. I wish all of the women, who are now known as the "firsts" of many, the best of luck for what awaits them. I anticipate that they will succeed with flying colors and be an example for many other little girls across our country.

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