Why All Women Need "Guys We Fucked"
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Why All Women Need "Guys We Fucked"

The anti-slut-shaming podcast that's changing the way we view female sexuality.

Why All Women Need "Guys We Fucked"
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Female sexuality is somewhat of a taboo in the here and now. Men can talk about who they hit and quit that week and no one bats an eyelash; but if a woman talks about casual sex (or sex in general), people lose their damn minds. It's ironic, considering that the female body is used as a tool to sexualize and objectify in order to sell pretty much everything.

Let's get one thing straight--men and women experience the same sexual urges and have the same desires.

The difference is, woman are encouraged to hide their sexuality. Sex? For a male's pleasure or making babies. Masturbation? Why do you even need it? Porn? Gasp! That's not for ladies.

The f**k it's not.

Sex is a natural human behavior. Notice how that says human and not male.

For some reason, that's a weird concept! How often do you see articles written by women about sex? Whether it's about enjoying it, their own personal sex lives, or the different ways they like it. Not nearly as often as you see those types of articles written by men. Why? Because it is okay and expected of them--even encouraged .

This is all very depressing, but in 2014, the gods of love and sexuality smiled down upon the Earth in the form of Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fischer. Together these two women are the comedy duo known as "Sorry About Last Night," but in the realm of podcasts, they are known and loved as the ladies of "Guys We Fucked," the anti-slut-shaming podcast.

The title is very literal--these badass ladies bring on guys they've slept with, dated, you name it, and talk about sex. They also bring on interesting people who also like to chat about the topic: sex-workers, BDSM mistresses, strippers, etc. It's a melting-pot of sex-positive people who like fuckin'.

What's not to love?

These women continually smash the stereotypes that only men can enjoy sex--casual, or otherwise--that women shouldn't masturbate, and that sex is some sort of weird, untouchable topic.

Sex is natural, so we should talk about it.

This podcast does ruffle a lot of feathers, but that's not the goal. Hutchinson and Fischer just want people, women included, to be comfortable talking about and having sex without shame. The podcast has empowered countless women, making them feel comfortable in their own skin and getting rid of the shame they felt for enjoying sex.

I still see a lot of women call them sluts, or dirty, or disgraceful, which is baffling to me. It proves that there's a long way to go until the stigma around female sexuality disappears, but these ladies are making huge strides every day. Women everywhere need to listen to this podcast and come into their own (no pun intended).

We need to start walking around like the confident, powerful, sexual beings we are without being brought down by the hate and shame others throw at us.

Guys We Fucked is a blessing that needs to be taken advantage of ASAP.

Happy listening!

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