Women Hitting Men: A Double Standard

Seeing all these posts on Facebook of people saying it is not acceptable for a man to hit a woman is agreeable, but where are the posts saying that it is not acceptable for a woman to hit a man? Where are the posts saying it is not acceptable for a woman to harass a man?

In all of the videos I have seen, there is always a woman standing in front of a man either harassing him by forcing him to face her with her hands, while yelling at him to hit her, or, she is hitting the man. After the woman does this for a while, the man finally snaps and hits her. In these cases, I am honestly defending the man. No, he should not have hit her, and it is not acceptable to hit a woman, but is it really acceptable for a woman to harass or hit a man? No. It is not acceptable.

Society today, is teaching women that they can hit and harass men, and get away with it. I am a female myself. I do not think it is acceptable to hit a man, nor for a man to hit me. I do not like seeing posts where men hit women, but I also do not like the way the women are treating the men before getting hit. I don’t like how everyone is taking the woman’s side in these cases.

A more reasonable thing the men could do, is just to walk away, but in most cases, they cannot do that because the woman is always in sync with them; not letting the man leave. Now should we just stand by with our cameras and let the men get hit and harassed? No! We should take action and prevent the female from harming the male anymore than she already is.

Again, a man should not hit a woman, but what if it is in self defense? What if they are being hit first? A man hitting a woman can be self defense. I remember growing up and hearing adults say that a man cannot hit a woman even if she is hurting him. They were technically saying that it’s their fault and they have to take the heat. What if they have to hit them in order to get away? What if that’s the only way to get away? There is really no difference between a man and a woman, other than hormones and body parts. We are all human. I mean, this is only my opinion; I am not trying to stir up anything. I just really don’t like how women are being praised for getting hit after hurting a man.

In all honesty, the man only hits the woman once. It’s not like he is using her as a punching bag. The woman uses the man as a punching bag, but it’s totally okay to everyone that she is doing it. It’s so “hilarious.” Let’s just let her keep punching and hitting. #Sarcasm. I personally would not want to get hit by a man (or anyone for that matter), but if I were acting like one of those women (punching and harassing), I would sure hope a man would do something to stop me from hurting him.

We need to end violence towards men, as well as women. No one should hit anyone. Not a man hitting a woman, a woman hitting a man, or even the same gender’s hitting each other. Add some love to this world. There is no need to hit someone. Let’s be nice to one another. Make it a trend that it is not acceptable to use violence against anyone. So ask yourself, is it acceptable to hit a woman or a man? Hopefully your answer is neither, but whatever you choose it is your opinion, and I accept it as your opinion. It doesn’t necessarily mean I agree, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I disagree.

Where are the pictures with "It doesn't matter what he did. It is never OK to hit a man, ever?!"

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