Five Women That Should Be On The New $10 Bill
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Five Women That Should Be On The New $10 Bill

In 2020, a first-ever female face will be in your wallet.

Five Women That Should Be On The New $10 Bill

Come 2020, a new face is coming to the $10 bill. What's even more is that face will be a woman's--the first this country has seen. While there are obviously terms and rules set in place for how she is chosen, here are five remarkable women that despite any governmental rules could totally rock the $10 bill.

1. Oprah

Sure, you've seen her everywhere doing just about everything that we only wish we could do. You may immediately think of her infamous car giveaway, but this woman has been through her own share of hardships and managed to come out on top as one of the world's most influential people.

Her mother gave birth to her when she was a teen-ager, so she was then raised by her grandmother until her birth mother could find reliable work and was sexually abused by her own family at a young age.

Despite her rough, early start in life, Oprah got herself back on track and found inspiration through reading and journalism. Finding hope in Maya Angelou's work, Oprah put her focus on public speaking and furthering her own education. Winning a scholarship to attend a 4-year college, Oprah's career was already taking off at an early age.

Fast-forward to 1985 and The Oprah Winfrey Show starts, but this show focused on self-love, healthy living and fulfilling a spiritual life. She used her own success to talk about the things that matter, but put her TV show aside, she has still impacted the world in nothing short of a positive way.

The Oprah Bill was signed into law in 1993, which established a national database of convicted child abusers and is now available to law enforcement agencies across the country.

Using her love for film and broadcast journalism she has produced Broadway musicals of popular works including The Color Purple.

The list can go on (and it does) but nevertheless, Oprah's a woman who has endured some pains we can't even dream of and transformed herself into one of the world's most admired figures. So yeah, I'd stick her on the $10 bill.

2. Beyonce`

All hail the queen, right?

She not only motivated probably thousands of men to put a ring on it, but she is one of the best and classiest stars of our time. A voice for the feminism movement and role model for any generation for her own poised character, Beyonce` on the bill would be a no-brainer.

Like many of the women on this list, she's a fighter for equality. Initially being fearful of the attention identifying as a feminist would bring her, she reminded us why feminism is just another synonym for equality.

"It's just a person that believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out, and we have to get to a point where we are comfortable with appreciating each other."

In addition to her own talent, she's someone who reminds us how to be poised and classy, which is especially important in a time when the style it's more popular to call a young woman a bitch or a slut. Her move at the 2009 VMA's when she let T-Swift finish her speech reminded young women to lift each other up, instead of tear them down.

3. Rosa Parks

Her refusal to change seats has no doubt been one of the most important moments in this country's civil rights history.

She was arrested for her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man, which then set off the boycott of the Montgomery Bus System--a huge blow, as more than half their riders were African-American.

Rosa Parks became a symbol of inner-strength as the bus segregation was found unconstitutional.

“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired,” wrote Parks in her autobiography, “but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

Parks faced harassment and criticism for her actions; for doing what was right, demonstrating a courage that many people do not possess.

4. Amy Poehler

You may know her as Leslie Knope: fearless leader of the Pawnee Parks & Recreation Department in Parks & Rec, but Amy Poehler could easily take on the $10 bill without the ironic background.

Poehler believes in empowerment and humanitarianism; two qualities that we need more of. Her organization Smart Girls is all about helping young girls maintain a healthy, successful life despite what the Internet and media may be pushing their way.

Through her organization girls feel safe expressing their worries, their struggles and heartache without fear of being judged. They're encouraged to broaden their perspectives and work for the life they've dreamed of. That's what the American dream is all about, right?

Much of the advice given to these young girls comes from Poehler herself when she does her frequent chat series, "Ask Amy."

But the great thing about Poehler is her ability to not take everything so seriously. In her most recent book, YES PLEASE, she's not afraid to fess up to any mistakes she's made. In her book, the key to being happy is to enjoy yourself.

(i.e.) "Nobody looks stupid when they're having fun."

5. Betty White

She's America's best friend and who wouldn't want to see their best friend on the $10 bill?

Whether you know her from SNL or The Golden Girls, White has always been one of a kind. What many don't know is she's given more to people than just a few good laughs.

As one of the first woman producers in Hollywood, White always had a love for writing and working with people. And she's still going strong.

White is the living definition of can't stop, won't stop (sorry, Miley). She's in her 90's and killing it. So why stick her glowing face on the $10 bill? She reminds us to live our lives to the fullest. She genuinely loves what she does, so much so that she hasn't stopped working.

I don't know about you, but I find the idea of aging and growing old absolutely terrifying. But I have to admit, if I'm having as much fun as Betty White, I may not mind it at all. She gives us some comfort to the idea that yes, we will grow older. Does that mean life has to slow down? Absolutely not.

She reminds us that we don't always need to take sides to do good.

White is extremely passionate about animal welfare but prefers to leave the politics out of it.

"I don't get into the political side or the demonstrative side. I'm just totally devoted to health and welfare. You know what the problem that animal activists sometimes have? They only concentrate on the heartbreaking things."

Finding purpose in selfless work, she supports numerous animal rights foundations and recognizes the charity work as her biggest passion.

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