I was raised to love the sport basketball. My mom went to the University of Kansas, so obviously it's a must to know everything there is to know about basketball. While I did play it for a while, I'm a much better fan of the sport than player. However, people are constantly shocked that I know all the rules of basketball.

My freshman year of college, I decided I needed a job, so I became a basketball referee for USF Intramural Sports. So I know all the calls a referee is going to make, and I know when a call is bad. I'm not saying I'm an expert referee for basketball, but I certainly know more than the average Joe.

The amount of times I receive shocked faces when I talk about basketball is alarming. Are women not allowed to enjoy sports, too?

Just a few weeks ago, I was wearing a Jayhawk shirt around campus. Someone said, "Oh you a fan?" And I said, "Yeah, I love the Jayhawks." This person said, "Number one in the nation," which I had to correct, since we were in fact number two (we're number one now though). This person looked completely shocked.

The same can be said when I tell my guy friends I like basketball. (Those who know me really well know that I know my sh*t.) Everyone's always like, "Yeah? Prove it."

Except, what do I have to prove? It's not like I'm lying. I do know basketball. Very well. I've been watching the Jayhawks win and lose since before Mario Chalmers dream shot in the 2008 National Championship game. I've watched these young men grow up and be drafted into the NBA.

I can even tell you some stuff about the announcers. I don't get why people think that I'm strange for liking basketball so much. Hell, I probably like basketball more than some basketball players do.

I can tell you what teams have bullies. I can tell you what teams are genuine. I can tell you which teams fight everyday to be the best they can be. Sure, Kansas may be a really good team, but that's not why I root for them. I root for them because they represent everything a team should be.

When one player isn't doing as well, another steps up. They don't bask in the glory of being the best. They strive for the highest, and they deserve every bit of it.

So, next time I tell you I like basketball and probably know more about than you do, don't look so shocked. It's not that big of a deal.