Once in a Blue Moon
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Once in a Blue Moon

What are some witchy things you can do during not only a full moon, but a full Blue Moon?

Once in a Blue Moon
Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

Something amazing is happening on October 31st, 2020! Not only are we scheduled to have a full moon on Halloween night, but we are scheduled to have a Blue Moon. What exactly is a blue moon? Well, contrary to the false news articles being published about this moon, a blue moon is not actually blue, although some atmospheric conditions can turn the hue of the moon blue such as the ashes from the volcano, Krakatoa, in 1883. It's actually just the second full moon that occurs in the same month. Because a full moon occurs in the moon cycle once every 29.5 days, it's not very likely for a full moon to happen twice in a month. However, it isn't THAT rare. A blue moon actually can occur about every 2-3 years. It is unclear why they decided to call it a blue moon, but the blue moon is what coined the famous phrase of "Once in a blue moon". The phrase "Once in a blue moon" means something that occurs, but it occurs very rarely and that's just how often a blue moon occurs.

So what are some things you can do in celebration of the blue moon?

Well a blue moon is the perfect opportunity to plant the seed for for new ideas or to make a significant change in your life! Any kind of ritual, spell, or intentions made during a full moon is very powerful in its benefits of long-term results because it sets in stone these works until the next blue moon occurs. Here are some things you can do to harness the benefits of this rare moon:

1. Collect moon water

Moon water is a great aide in rituals and spells and even great when it comes from a blue moon. Fill a closable container with filtered water and set it in a place where the moon light beams will be able to reach it, like a window sill. Let your water bask in the moon light for several hours and then store it in a safe place for later use.

2. Cleanse/recharge your crystals

Moon water and moon light is the best thing to cleanse and/or recharge your crystals and what better way to recharge/cleanse your crystals than with the help of a blue moon. This will empower your crystals further and help with long-term effects when using your crystals for intentions, spells, and/or rituals.

3. Meditation

Sit in a place where you can see the moon and close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the power of the moon surging through you. Silently recite intentions or goals you wish to pursue/succeed in that the lunar goddess can help you attain. Allow yourself to be recharged and cleansed by the moon. You can even take a bubble bath with candles to further harness the moons powers to translate it into self care and love work.

Although it's not too rare of a moon, it is still powerful and helpful in its own respects. Seize the opportunity to revel and bask in the power and cleansing properties of a full moon and take advantage of its more empowered and long-term effects of a blue moon.

Blessed be.

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