Winter Is Coming

Thanksgiving break is over, the semester has resumed, and now everyone is getting excited for Christmas. Because of this, I'm reminded why I have this love-hate relationship with the winter season

The beginnings of the winter season usually starts off with a slight decrease in the temperature. It's not a big change, but subtle enough for everyone to actually feel the difference and start bundling up. The next step, in relation to this, usually relates with everyone (and I mean everyone) commenting about the weather and how cold they are. Well, that's only going to get worse from here on out so you might as well get used to it.

Another thing, though this is probably something more so related to the holidays, is the excess amount of Christmas related everything in your local shopping malls, plazas, and stores. It doesn't take long for stores to start jam packing for Christmas sales and getting their stock out there. In fact, even around Halloween I saw a multitude of Christmas related items being sold i different stores along with decorations. It's like they completely skipped over not one, but even two holidays just to jump to Christmas. And if you've ever had experience working in retail like I have, then you're already probably starting to get sick of the same 20 Christmas themed tracks playing in your store during every shift. Hang in there guys, it'll be alright.

The last thing that lets me know it's actually winter, and yes you may have guessed it, is finals. In most (if not all) colleges right now, the biggest focus right now in classes are the end-of-the-semester final exams, projects, and term papers that have been occupying every aspect of all college student's lives at the moment. Even myself, I'm getting piled with countless papers and at least three exams to look forward to. This similar sort of feeling exists within the Spring semester as well of course, but there really is something distinct and different about taking finals during this really chilly season. If anything, I feel like there's more of a rewarding feeling getting everything done quickly and even getting home before the last official day of the semester.

It's a tricky season to go about because on one hand, there's holidays to look forward to which means good food, presents, and spending time with loved ones. But on the other hand, on the other side of the season, it brings about increased work hours and the dreaded finals.

The best advice and words of solace I can give you during this frozen time is to just enjoy it while it lasts. I know the cold may be bothersome and it can put a damper on your mood during times you need to stay positive the most, but the season really is beautiful. I've never really appreciated it until I found myself feeling content being bundled up and drinking something warm and being able to see friends and family during this season. It's during these times where I feel like I can be more relaxed than during the summer.

I hope you can find a similar kind of feeling in the midst of this season.

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