Ahh, the holiday season. Every basic girl's favorite, romantic time of the year, and every guy's nightmare. No worries fellas, I've come up with five awesome winter date ideas, so that you don't have to. That way you can trick your girl into thinking you love the cold, the snow, and Christmas just as much as she does.

1. Glow Tubing At Snow Trails

Tubing gif

Snow Trials, in my hometown, Mansfield, Ohio, offers tickets on the weekends to go glow tubing. Glow tubing is just snow tubing but way better. You go after hours, and the slopes are lit up with neon lights, making it a perfect winter date night for you and your honey. For just 25 dollars, you can tube unlimited for 2 hours, as long as you can brave the cold for that long.

2. The "Christmas Story" House 

A Christmas Story gif

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, you can go visit where everyone's favorite Christmas movie was filmed. That's right, it's the "Christmas Story" house. For an admission price of just 13 dollars, you can take a tour of this house complete with the leg lamp in the window. Just be careful of Ralphie shooting his new Red Ryder bb gun in the backyard, he might shoot your eye out.

3. The Wildlights at The Columbus Zoo

Christmas lights gif

Okay, this one is kind of cliche, but all girls, at least from my hometown, love to be taken to the Columbus Zoo for the Christmas lights. This holiday season, head down to the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo, where for just 12 dollars, you can walk around and see the same lights you've seen a million times, and waste your money on overpriced hot chocolate. Not gonna lie, I'm going on a date there tonight. I can't help myself.

4. Ice Skating in Public Square

Ice Skating gif

Public Square, in downtown Cleveland, offers ice skating every winter. It's a pretty rinky dinky ice skating rink, but it's decorated so nicely, and there are some super cute shops right around the rink that you can waste some time at. Ice skating outside in the winter while it's snowing and you're surrounded by a huge Christmas tree and Christmas lights is basically every girl's dream date. Sign me up, please. At it's only 10 dollars. What a bargain.

5. Winter Hiking 

Winter gif

I asked my boyfriend what is a cute idea for a winter date and he told me a winter hike. This might sound crazy but if you don't mind the cold (like me), and you love the way the snow looks on the trees (like me), then this could be super romantic, and fun. There are a million places to hike in Ohio, that would be even better in the winter. My favorite? Hemlock falls (in Mansfield), Brandywine Falls (in Cuyahoga), and Lyons Falls (at Mohican, in Mansfield). The best part? It's free.

This holiday season, plan a date (or not really plan one, just steal one off this list), and surprise your favorite girl on a winter date excursion full of romance and fun. We aren't very hard to impress.