Winter Break As Told By 'Friends'
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Student Life

Winter Break As Told By 'Friends'

Is a month at home too much to handle?

Winter Break As Told By 'Friends'

If you're anything like me, winter break is a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel after a long, stressful semester. Working hard for 15 weeks can really take a toll on a person mentally, physically AND emotionally. It's a nice change of pace to be back at home with your family and friends, but after a couple weeks, it can get, well... boring.

Here are just a couple of things you might experience when you're back in your hometown for an entire month:

1. Reuniting with your old friends for the first time all semester.

Honestly, this might be the most exciting part of break. Hearing about all of their crazy first semester adventures, visiting your favorite restaurants, and spending entirely too much time driving around your suburban hometown looking for plans is definitely something to look forward too (well, mostly).

2. Having home-cooked meals instead of dining hall food.

Because let's be honest, who doesn't love mom's cooking? #Blessed for not having to eat packaged food for every meal.

3. Wondering what the hell you ever did for fun in high school.

Minus Friday night football games and the occasional sleepover at your best friends house, how did we ever have any fun? I end up spending more time over winter break trying to find plans than I do actually HAVING them.

4. Missing school.

Growing up, you never think you could actually miss school. But spending an entire month bored out of your mind can make you actually miss college (mostly just your friends and going out on weekends).

5. Realizing that you have to do schoolwork when you get back.

There's the catch.

6. Seeing all the high school sweethearts reunite for a whole month straight on all social media.

Seriously, that's great for you that you're not single. Turns out most of us still are and are juuuuust a little bit jealous. It's fine.

7. Running into people you graduated with in public places.

I'm sorry but I will pretend I don't you and possibly actually hide if I see you while I'm buying deodorant at Target.

8. Saying 'see ya later' to your best friend.

Some goodbyes are easier than others. Saying goodbye to my best friend for another 15 weeks is almost an impossible task but I guess that's why they made iPhones.

9. Appreciating where you grew up.

Granted, this isn't something that everyone will experience, but it's definitely something that I did. After being gone for so long, you start to notice and appreciate all the little things about your hometown that probably used to annoy you. The place you grew up helped shape you into who you are and chances are what you were desperately trying to escape when you left for college doesn't seem quite that bad anymore.

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