15 Signs You Drew The Right Roomie Lottery
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15 Signs You Drew The Right Roomie Lottery

Fifteen moments you experience with your soul-roommates

15 Signs You Drew The Right Roomie Lottery
Mekam Anya

My expectations for my roommates every year have been very low so far. The only real requirements I had was that: They can't off me in my sleep and they can't touch or steal my TV and books. I'm pretty sure I told nearly all my friends how nervous I was about moving into my dorm this year and how the roommate situation would work out.
Would they actually interact with me or just pretend I was a friendly ghost?

Would they have annoying habits that I'd be stuck with for at least an entire semester?

Do they like anime?

And to my great surprise and relief, I didn't have to worry about any of those things. And we all agreed after a few months that we probably couldn't have been stuck with better roommates especially compared to our respective old roommates.

I'm so happy I was able to live with these two amazing girls for the past year and though we'll no longer be roommates anymore, I know I've gained two new friends, who will deal with my awkward self and aren't completely ashamed to be seen in public with me.

I know that not everyone may be able to luck out with their roommate situation and I've heard plenty of horror stories from friends, but if you are blessed enough to end up with roommates like mine, you'll be able to relate to some of the experiences listed below. And if not, at least get some insight into how crazy and awesome it can be.

1. When they genuinely compliment the anime poster in your room.

2. When their alarm goes off but they're sleeping

3. That moment when you all decide to order food together

4. Discovering your apartment is housing a not-so-friendly house ghost

5. When they help you with fashion advice because you're indecisive

6. You forget your key and everyone is sleeping

7. You have people to rant to about having a terrible day (or week).

8. And people that will throw hands on your behalf, no questions asked

9. Meeting up at the same party without planning it

10. You all bring out supplies when one of the others is sick/hurt.

11. Harmonizing like bosses during your (Barbie) movie marathons

12. Getting offered car rides because parking at school sucks.

13. You all agree to "talk" to your neighbors that are too loud at 2 am during FINALS WEEK

14. Trying not to cry because you only have one week left together

15. ...but it's okay because y'all still have your roommate GroupMe to make plans

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