I Will Not Post About The Election, And That Is Okay
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I Will Not Post About The Election, And That Is Okay

Sorry, but non-credible websites do no good for me.

I Will Not Post About The Election, And That Is Okay

2016. It is a year that multiple things are happening but there is a major election with two far out candidates, and that is all anyone is talking about these days. Television, radio, and the internet are changing the ways of election season, and it is NOT for the better. I am so tired of scrolling up and down my newsfeed and seeing post after post of links to things Trump did, or thing Clinton said. I hate turning on the tv to hear the next presidential candidate scandal. I hate listening to the radio on the way to class just to the "he said, she said" of this election.

I will not be posting anything about this election. I will not post links. I will not post my opinions. I will not comment on other posts about my opinions. I will not do it. I refuse because quite honestly, a good chunk of those links are not true. People are entitled to their own opinion. They are allowed to say and post what they'd like, I just choose not to engage in it.

People can post literally anything they want to on the internet. There is no rules or regulation about the validity of what links people post. The sad thing, however, is that as soon as people see something they think could be remotely true, they post about it, and spew their opinions all over with it. It is sad that elections have turned into he said, she said on the internet.

I am choosing not to participate in the campaign posting this election. I am okay with that. I choose not to post things I do not know the whole story to. I refuse to think I know about something I truly do not. Contrary to popular belief, millennials are not addicted to the internet. We do not rely on social medias. We are not attached to our phones.

I do not like how people post a non-credible website link and then fight to make it valid. I do not like that people feel that their opinions outweigh others just because they do not agree. I do not like that when I scroll through my social media feeds all I see is election post after election post. Thank god this election season is almost over.

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