I would like to express my thoughts and feelings about what is going on around us. As we endured the events, I wrote down my thoughts and feelings to share with everyone else. My world has been shaken.

Relief efforts are already underway. If you can, please donate to either the American Red Cross by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999 or online with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee relief fund.

My heart is absolutely aching for our town. We need rain and a lot of it. Everything around us is burning and we are being suffocated by smoke and soot. I am having a terrible time trying to wrap my mind around as to why someone would think for a second it was okay to ignite the flame to this treacherous disaster. In my own opinion, for everything that is taken with the fire and any lives lost to the fire the arsonist behind it should pay.

My beautiful home is being engulfed by the massive conflagration. Sitting back helplessly; it is such an eerie feeling to know what is happening around me. Waiting for the rain to come seems inevitable. My heart is racing. My family and friends are in danger. I was just informed that our close friend's house is minutes away from burning to the ground, and a family member's home already did.

I want to be superwoman, I want to save and help them all. For many days The Book of Revelations has crossed my mind. All of these destructive disasters are incredibly close, leaving behind hurt and mourning. My anxiety is high, I feel like I can't breathe. Everything is happening so fast--damnit, where is the rain?

The rain has finally come, but it's not enough yet. Fallen trees are trapping people in their homes. The mountain is up in flames, I'm trying to save my dad. Shit, I forgot to get gas...just get to dad you can leave your car behind. My brother is crying fearful tears, he's scared, too.

This is hell. My home is becoming ash. The bright red is growing and getting closer, and we have to get out of here, NOW!

Who could do this? My heart is racing, it may run right out of my chest at any moment. We made it out, but it's not quite over yet.

The rain is subsiding...it can't stop raining, it just can't...We are coming off the mountain to safety. The once breath-taking view is now heart-breaking. Flames and ash fill our mountains. The rain helped a great deal, we need more.

It will take a long time for our community to recover from this nightmare. A portion of our town is gone. A piece of home is gone.

God, help us get this under control, recover, and rebuild. Guide our paths and show us our ways. Protect and watch over us. Amen.

Please keep my town in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for the Smokies. We are dealing with a great loss.

R.I.P Gatlinburg, Tennessee: 1856-2016