Life is like an obstacle course. There are easy parts that are like the inflated slide, but there are bumpy parts like trying to climb up the inflated rock wall but instead falling down 20 times. In order to win the obstacle course against your opponent you need to be agile and fast but also confident.

If life has taught me anything so far, it is to be confident. There are hard times in life regardless of any circumstances. Hard times could be anything from trying to decide a major, the pure act of growing up, moving away from home, or trying to resolve a fight with a friend. We must grab onto the good times.

Cherish the good memories so we remember them on the bad days. Life is what YOU make it. There is good in everything depending on the perspective. GOOD is family, friends, traveling, and discovering the world. Good is waking up next to your dog or your boyfriend. Good is baking cookies with your best friend. Good is jamming out to your favorite song on the radio.

The thing in life that has been the most helpful to me has been confidence. When there are bad times even on those good days, remain positive. Kill people with kindness, and remain the confident woman or man that you are. Confidence is beautiful.

"Fake it till you make it."

"Face everything with strength."

Confidence is arguably the best strength to encompass. With confidence, success will shine through. The key to success is believing in yourself and not giving up. Studying for that chemistry exam I thought I would fail was hard. The best part of it was remaining optimistic with myself and my abilities. The only person we truly have no matter what 24/7 is ourselves. Yes, family and friends are there for us, but the person we should always trust the most and rely on the most is OURSELVES.

"In order to love someone else, we must love ourselves first."

In order to make life the very best we can, we need to start loving ourselves and being confident in the person we are. This may seem like a huge pep talk, but it actually is, that was my intent. We all need a pep talk sometimes. Next time you feel like you can't do something, rememeber you CAN. You ARE good enough. There are times where you may need to fake it but always portray confidence. You will believe in yourself if you tell yourself to trust YOU.