Why the voice inside your head is the best guide:

“Don’t do this”

“This seems right, right?”

“Am I the only one who feels this way?”

“Don’t do it, Jyoti”

“It is not worth it, you are so much more than this.”

We all have that inner conversation with ourselves, which according to me, is the best friend, best mentor and best guide you can have.

Your inner voice is basically your gut talking to you.

When I was younger I did not believe much in having an intuition and having a gut feeling. The whole idea of having a voice inside your head seemed superficial and weird.

This probably may have also been due to the fact that while growing, I was made to believe that we have an angel who looks like a mini version of us dressed in all white with wings and a halo and a devil dressed in all red with red wings, a horn, a tail and a pitchfork.

This idea seemed to scare me more than convince me.

But this changed drastically as I grew up.

As mentioned in my previous articles, growing up in India I moved around a lot. Every two to three years we would move to a new city. This was fine with me until I was around 14 and had entered my awkward teen phase where I believed that I would only talk to people who I knew, and was comfortable with.

My family moved to a small township, and this is when it hit me.

I realized that I would feel alone from time-to-time, I would face situations where I would be all alone and had to make an impulsive decision.

I realized that sometimes I would have to guide myself and be my own friend weighing out the pros and cons, for my parents and my family and friends would not be there for me always.

This is when I was introduced to my inner voice.

Let me just say it -- as scared and terrified as I was of being called crazy and weird of talking to myself I realized my inner voice is actually way smarter than anyone else.

It is a smarter, saner, version of me

And trust me, I would rather be the weird girl who spoke to herself than be the person who was scared and indecisive at all times.

I was in 9th grade when my family made this move and, for the first few weeks, I found myself rather alone and isolated. As horrible as it sounds, it was not so bad and it was then that I realized that I am the best company I can ever have.

It was also during this time that I decided that I want to go abroad and study.

Having always lived in an overprotective and pampering household, I knew I would face more than enough scenarios where I would find myself alone.

This was true and during all these times the thing that comforted me and provided me with support was me, and my inner voice. ‘

Over the past six years, every time I've found myself confused, lost or lonely I knew all I had to do was take a deep breath, think about the problem I was facing, weigh out the pros and cons of the decision I was going to make and then make the best and most appropriate decision I could make in the circumstances provided.

While it is an amazing guide, your inner voice is also the best friend and entertainment you will ever have.

Stuck in an awkward silence? Bored in class? Just start talking to yourself.

For me, my inner voice is my best friend. It is an area where I can let my inhibitions loose and not worry about the fact that I will be judged and corrected.

While many believe that only weirdos talk to themselves and think a lot. I feel that your gut, your intuition, your inner monologue, whatever you call it, is the best guide and friend you can ever have.

It is the best tool one has to navigate through life and overcome difficult scenarios.