"Us" Is Terrifying, And You Absolutely Need To See It
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'Us' Is A Uniquely Terrifying Experience, And That’s Exactly Why You Need To See It

Coming straight off the astounding success of Jordan Peele's debut film "Get Out," this movie is a shocker in the best way.

'Us' Is A Uniquely Terrifying Experience, And That’s Exactly Why You Need To See It

This past week, I got the chance to see Jordan Peele's newest offering, “Us," in theaters. Coming straight off the astounding success of his debut film “Get Out," this movie is a shocker in the best way.

*WARNING: This article contains some spoilers, so if you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to read with caution*

It stars Lupita Nyong'o as the main character, Adelaide, whose younger self goes into a funhouse at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and discovers a haunting image in the mirror. In the present day, she is married with two kids and traveling to their summer home. But Adelaide's mind is still plagued by these memories, and when they come to haunt her once more, she's faced with the ultimate choice: save herself and her family, or save...herself.

Going in, you won't have any idea what to expect. For one thing, everyone knows that any horror movie depicting people going on vacation and/or living in perfect suburbia is bound to be doomed. But if you were expecting a horror movie with typical, predictable cliches, this film shuts those expectations down quick.

Without providing any additional plot details, it's quite tricky to talk about just how fascinatingly horrifying this film really is. But what you should know is that the comedy aspects that were present in "Get Out" are prevalent in this one, without overpowering the horror. It provides an even balance between the frights and the laughs.

"Us" also has a unique feel in its cinematography that, in my opinion, makes it feel like a David Lynch film crossed with Spike Lee. Since Black women are criminally underrepresented in the genre of horror, it was really cool to see a Black girl as a leading lady in a mainstream horror film. And the soundtrack contains an eclectic mix of songs from and inspired by the movie; and if you've never heard an orchestral version of "I Got 5 On It", you're gonna be asking yourself where it's been your whole life.

In short, "Us" is "US-tounding". Jordan Peele proves once again that his film-making expertise is something to be recognized, and I'm already looking forward to what he's cooking up next after this one.


P.S. for extra scariness, see this movie in a matinee showing!

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