Why You Should Read 'The Sun And Her Flowers' By Rupi Kaur

Why You Should Read 'The Sun And Her Flowers' By Rupi Kaur

Even if poetry isn't your usual thing, I highly recommend giving Rupi Kaur's work a look.

I had heard of Rupi Kaur and seen her first collection of poetry, "Milk and Honey," in Barnes and Noble several times. I had seen screenshots of her poems and heard part of her Ted Talk. I had almost purchased her first collection several times, but for some reason, I always convinced myself I couldn't spend the money on it. I finally caved when I saw her second collection, "The Sun and Her Flowers," on the shelves.

There were some poems I felt were expected from what I'd seen of Kaur's work. She includes illustrations along with her short, easily digestible poems. While not all of them caught my interest, I appreciated the positivity and genuine emotion Kaur infused in her work. I could see her words meaning more during different emotional stages of life. There are people who argue that her work is too simple, but her powerful words could mean a lot for different people, especially women. I could see myself rereading it on another day, and feeling a different connection to it.

The ones that really interested me were the ones that typically went on for several pages. Kaur explored more of her personal experiences, and those of her mother, in these longer poems. They were almost biographical. The historical connection, paired with Kaur's emotional context, felt relatable while also specific to her life. I loved learning about her relationship and her mother's life.

I also enjoyed the way Kaur played with form. This collection is separated into five sections: wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. By separating her poems into these sections, they fall into themes. They're also relatively short and don't take too much time to read. I was able to fly through her whole book in a couple of hours. Having these short poems and themed sections made her poetry more accessible than the average poetry collection.

Even if poetry isn't your usual thing, I highly recommend giving Rupi Kaur's work a look. It's worth giving a shot!

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