In today's society with everything going, from politics to mass shootings to rape cases and everything in between, it is very beneficial if we as a population learn to start respecting other people's opinions. Oftentimes disagreements and heated debates start between people because they have differences of opinions toward a certain subject. You have to learn that just because someone has a different opinion than you does not mean that their opinion is wrong. An opinion is not a fact, therefore there is no right or wrong view. Just because someone does not view something the way you do does not mean that you have to start an argument or debate with them about why you are right and they are wrong. Because in reality, they think you are wrong and they're right.

Respecting other people's opinions also shows that you are well mannered and that you have respect for that person as well. If someone has a different opinion than yours and you reply with "I understand and respect your opinion" rather than replying with your opinion and why it is right and why they are wrong, the person who has a different opinion than you will respect you in return. There is no need to go on all day about why your opinion is right because the person you are debating with thinks their opinion is right and yours is wrong. Therefore, it turns into an endless cycle of I'm right and you're wrong and here is why.

I know that it can be very hard to not state how you feel about certain situations when someone's opinion differs from yours, but you just have to maintain self-control and go on about your day. With all the violence that is going on in today's society, I don't even think it is worth it to get all worked up about differences of opinions and someone may end up getting hurt. There have been many cases where people have major disagreements and heated arguments and someone ends up getting hurt. So save yourself from the violence and save yourself from the time wasted arguing, and just respect other people's opinions and move on. Refrain from going places or bringing up things you know can turn into a heated debate with someone. If you know you are not going to respect their opinions and you are going to backfire, then do not put yourself in that situation. For example, if you do not support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, then do not go to their rallies or debates to purposefully cause a scene about how you disagree with everything they stand for in front of all of their supporters. That gets you nowhere, but kicked out and looked down upon. Do not bring up sore subjects like the Stanford rape case or the Orlando shooting or the 2016 Election, if you cannot firmly respect someone else's opinion.