Why You Should Follow Your Dreams
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Student Life

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams
"In order to get there, you have to break down the walls of whatever is holding you back first. Ignore the doubt -- it's not your friend -- and just keep going, keep going, keep going." - Lauren Graham, Talking as Fast as I Can

I am a firm believer that everyone should find their passion, create a dream out of it, and try their hardest to pursue that dream. Your dream could be big, it could be small, it could be easy to achieve or extremely difficult. Regardless, know that your dream is valid.

I have had several upon several people confront me and either laugh at what I want to do with my life or say, "I won't say anything, I'll keep my mouth shut". Well it is a lovely idea to keep your mouth shut. Who are you to judge anyone? Who are you to say what someone is capable of? And most importantly, if you are the dreamer, who is even worthy of shutting down your dream? Why give someone that validation? After all, you are the only person standing in between you and your ambitions.

Before I had any experience or logical understandings of my potential future profession, I dreamt hard and came up with scenarios of me reaching success, and that continues to this day. Little did I know that I would be given a stepping stone to reach that success. I recently found out I will have the opportunity to continue my studies at a different institution. This particular one stands as one of the top in the nation for my major. I truly did not believe I would actually be given this chance, but miraculously I was. Although this transition will be somewhat fearful, I know this opportunity is right for me and this is the path I am supposed to take. It took a lot of work, a lot of thought, but finally the decision is in my hands.

My parents have always given me the best opportunities in life. They have given me chances to grow, explore, and find phenomenal adventures around the world. They are the ones who proved to me that I can do whatever I want with my life, as long as I am truly happy. This aids in the concept that life is short, so why spend it doing something mediocre when you have a life full of possibilities to scrutinize? There is no valid reason to stay put within boundaries that hold you back from your full potential. There is, however, a reason that your passions are considered passions; and something you love so deeply. If you love something so much, maybe it is a sign that it is something that you should work for and try to excel at. Your dream doesn't have to be something big and extreme, it doesn't have to be something that is America's Next Top Model big or head writer at SNL big, it could be making a difference in the education system or owning your own coffee shop that is the best in town. Regardless of your dream, it is valid and you are capable.

I am very proud of the fact that I was raised with the world at my fingertips and the ability to quickly remove negativity from my life. It is truly a blessing that I don't give a shit what other think about me, my life, my craze, and the voice I carry with me that typically demands to be heard. Someday I may make a tiny impact on the world, someday I may make a huge impact on the world; who knows. You definitely don't know, I definitely don't know either... so I might as well have fun trying and take every opportunity I can to see what path is given to me in the future.

Instead of belittling someone based on what they want in life, listen to their passion and why it means so much to them. Ask what inspired them and who gave them the courage to go for it. It's not easy to go against the current, but someday it just might be worth it. Someday, your trivialized words may be something I laugh at from my office in a big city or from my couch back home. Regardless, I will make sure my life is full of happiness and instances of trying my hardest to follow my dreams. That is considered success to me. So here's to my personal leap of faith.

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