Why You Need A Dog

Dogs are life. If I see one passing, I immediately ask their owner if I can pet him/her, and if I can’t then it’s just very upsetting. Every single dog is a puppy, no matter what age they are. They are all adorable, all beautiful, all just absolutely amazing. So, here’s a list to further convince you that you need a dog in case this hasn’t been enough.

They are your best friend.

They can be a pillow.

Or a sled dog (depending on the size).

They are your own personal dishwasher.

They know when you’re upset.

They are always adorable.

You meet more people when you have a dog.

You can buy them awesome stuff.

Your house isn’t silent.

They teach you responsibility.

Taking them for walks and playing can be a workout for you as well as them.

Petting them can just calm you right down, they are truly a comfort.

Dogs are always happy to see you, no matter what.

They are very good listeners.

They can be trained to do cool things like sniff out drugs, bombs, or roll over…

They watch out for you and your family.

They love you no matter how badly you sing or what you may look like in the morning.

You’ll be their very best friend, and they’ll always be yours.

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