Why Won't Anyone Debate With Bernie?

Why Won't Anyone Debate With Bernie?

As The Race Comes To An End, Bernie Sanders Fends For Himself

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This late in the presidential race, Bernie Sanders is less than 300 delegates behind Hillary Clinton. With Donald Trump officially winning the Republican vote, everyone already assumes that Clinton also clinched the Democratic nomination. What people don't realize is Sanders still has a chance of winning, and with the recent polls showing Trump could win the presidency over Clinton, Sanders should win. There are still a couple more days of primary voting, and a win in California could make or break who wins the Democratic nominee. All Sanders needs is one last debate to raise the polls, gain momentum and supporters. The problem is, neither Clinton or Trump are willing to debate the 72-year-old.

Clinton and her team are already sure they have won the nominee, so they don't feel another debate will make any difference. Unless they're scared. Clinton may know Sanders could crush her in another debate making the competition even closer than it already is. The California primary is an important one, so of course, Clinton wouldn't do anything to hurt her chances of winning this all important vote. In my opinion, I already think Sanders could win the golden state.

Sanders also asked Trump to debate him nearing the California primary, and at first, Trump was on board! However recently Trump has stated it would be "unfair" and "inappropriate" for him to debate the second-place finisher. It has been known Trump would prefer Sanders to get the democratic nominee, even though he has the better chance of beating Trump. A debate against Sanders not including Clinton could increase his chances against her, which may be beneficial for Trump. Trump has also stated that the debate would make good TV and receive high ratings, so why not debate? I think it's safe to say at this point both Clinton and Trump are truly scared of what Sanders could do to hurt their race.

Both Trump and Clinton are known for being flip-floppers, so they both could decide to debate Sanders once and for all. In the meantime, Sanders is left to fight and campaign for himself before the California primary.

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