I got out of a meeting this week and was asked if I wanted a ride back to my dorm which is on the West side of campus. I said no because I did not want to make the person go out of their way, yet found myself regretting it as I trekked back to my dorm in the dark. I thought back to summer when every excited freshman found out their dorm assignments, and how all of the East side people were disappointed because apparently West side is the "best side". Listed below are reasons why West side in fact is NOT the best side of campus to be on.

1. The stadium lights are so bright that you need sunglasses at night.

2. Having to walk up Stadium Drive multiple times a day.

3. Having a dorm room the size of a prison cell no matter which dorm you are in.

4. Being far away from all of your classes.

5. Always having to wait 3057 hours in line for McCallisters because the East side one is closed.

6. Being jealous of all of your friends in East Hall because of the size of their dorms.

7. Never getting to sleep in because the parking lot is NEVER quiet.

8. Having to hear every sport possible practice every day.

9. Having to hear marching band practice every day.

10. The day before a game day when the announcer decides to test out the sound system for hours at full volume.

11. Being far away from Central AKA the only half decent food on campus.

12. The constant crappy pop songs that et blasted from the stadium preventing you from every napping.

13. Mount Eggerest.

14. Having to decide if it is worth the walk just to study in the library.

15. Always being out of breath because the hike up the hill never gets easier.

16. Having porta-potties surround your dorms on game day.

17. The construction sounds that never seem to end.

18. Constantly having to beg your friends to drive you back to your dorm instead of dropping you off at the bottom of Stadium Drive.

19. Knowing you inevitably will fall on your butt 4956382 times when it snows.

20. Having a package heavier than you that you have to carry back from the post office.

Needless to say, I will be requesting an East side dorm next year.