Why I Want To Live With My Significant Other

So here's a surprise: in the middle of March, I will be moving in with my boyfriend.

After a little bit of research and looking in person at apartments, we finally decided on a little, hidden place to call our own.

We have been talking about living together since we practically started dating. With me graduating in May and wanting to find a job in my field, there's isn't much available for me at home in my very small town. And I've always wanted more than my little town. He's always wanted away from his hometown too because it's too far away from his job. He wanted to be in some place new. And because of our relationship, we didn't want to be far away from each other anymore. I mean though we never really lived extremely far away from each other.

And from what I've heard living with your significant other can have a lot of perks, but there could also be some downfalls. But to be honest, some of those downfalls could just be depending on the couple.

One of the things I'm most excited about living with my boyfriend is that all the nights that I want to cuddle up with him because of a bad dream, not feeling well or just because I want to cuddle. I can cuddle him up on the couch that ours or before going to sleep. I'll be able to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner with him anytime I want to. I can spend time with him in our space that we are paying for. I'll have someone to come home to now. I'll be able to have him to take of me, when I'm sick or exhausted and I can take care of him. I'll be able to say that we accomplished something huge.

Though those are only some of the advantages of being able to live with my significant other, the biggest fear I have about it is something people claim to be the biggest downfall. That downfall would annoying him too much or getting annoyed with him because we will be around each other a lot more than we ever have been. But then thing is with that, we spent nearly two weeks together over the summer for vacation and yes I mean we did want to kill each other at some points but never once did I stop loving him and never did I want to be apart from him.

See here's the real deal: even when we do live together and are in the same space, we will still be able to do our own thing. We can share the space and be our own person. He would be in the livingroom playing video games and I could be next to him writing, or doing homework and yet, we won't bother each other.

I'm not worried when people might say we might not make it through this, or that it's too early in our relationship to move in together. I don't believe that. We already act like we live together or like an old married couple, so really it can only get better!

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