Don't Take a Break From Adventure
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Don't Take a Break From Adventure

Because traveling will never be quite enough

Don't Take a Break From Adventure
Haley Renschen

Traveling comes with many benefits. Scientifically it increases happiness, influences creativity, and decreases stress. The most attractive part isn't the physical and emotional benefits, but instead it's the spontaneity of it all. Although 60% of Americans have been lucky enough to travel abroad, a large amount of that percentage consists of those who have visited Canada or Mexico which is just across the boarder. That’s boring. What I’m talking about isn’t a temporary vacation, it’s traveling. Traveling takes bravery and willingness to turn your life upside down to adventure around the world and pursue a life that is unconventional.

It’s natural to envy those who are able to travel endlessly, I know I do. We are always witnessing the travel bloggers and the video makers who are traveling from place to place. I have always aspired to be like them someday, because I want to live my very best life with more creativity, the willingness to try new things, and the ability to reinvent myself and my ways of thinking.

Although traveling is a wonderful way to do these things, odds are your travels will end someday, and you will end up right back in your shitty desk job. What I’m saying is, travel everywhere, quit your job, take trips around the world, but the most important aspect of this reality is that your life will probably go back to normal, and how do you avoid that?

Traveling is desirable because it is endless wondering with no responsibilities. You stop looking for a purpose in all the wrong places, in fact, you stop looking for a purpose at all. That’s why it’s so refreshing. The problem is, after all of your travels, your life still needs that purpose and meaning that you ran out of in the first place. Eventually, believe it or not, you will need structure, motivation, and meaning.

The key is, make traveling and dropping everything to visit different countries for 3 years a priority, but don’t forget to make your entire life something real yet always evolving. Don’t only change a portion of your life, change all of it. Many people don't have to travel to have an adventerous life. Pursue things one after another that make you feel just as alive as that temporary vacation or that month of traveling. And maybe you will be one of those travel bloggers that just never stop going places, and that’s great too. Just make sure your life is always going in the right direction with change, unconventionality, and passion.

Find a purpose that keeps you going, and when that purpose gets boring, find another one OR give it all up and start traveling again, then repeat the cycle. Work hard to get that awesome job with great benefits, spend time with great people, have hobbies that are surprising, complete everything on your bucket list. Take every chance that you get. Make traveling only a part of your long-term plan of adventure that happens every day.

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