September is an important month in the fashion world. Not only does New York Fashion Week take place, Vogue publishes their biggest and most important issue of the year. September is a period of reinvention and a fresh start. The September issue exposes the world to new designs and styles that will be "in" for the next 12 months. It's the issue that introduces Fall and Winter fashion. It gives many companies publicity and exposure to the public eye and it's perfect for brand ad campaigns. Every year the U.S. Vogue issue sells more than 80,000 copies the first few weeks. Not only is it one of their biggest selling issues, they have to elevate the September issue every year in order for it to be different, relevant and big.

The U.S. Vogue September issue takes months of planning. In 2009, U.S. Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, released a documentary called " The September Issue." Many may question what the big deal is around this special issue. The documentary explains the process and the extensive planning on this iconic issue. The September issue benefits many business sectors. It is full of advertisements for many companies; including technology, travel, cars, beauty and of course fashion. The documentary created the hype of the September issue as a big thing around social media, making it have its own buzz every year on who is going to be on the cover of that September issue.

Vogue takes over 9 months to plan which model, singer or actress is going to be on the front cover of the coveted issue. Faces from past issues have been Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and now model, Kendall Jenner, is on the cover of this year's September issue. The cover of the September issue is important because it represents someone who is fashionably relevant in today's society. It also is the only advertisement for Vogue for the magazine to sell. The September issue also involves politics and world culture. It creates a timeline of the year with fashion included. Every year the issue contains over 800 pages of advertisement, articles and fashion; showcasing new styles, brands and products. The September issue is iconic and admired by many. It gives inspiration and influence for fashion, style and commercial-business success.