One reason why I love coming home is that it means I can get Portillo's. Portillo's is just, amazing. I can't tell you how many times I've driven to a Portillo's near me late at night, just to get some comfort food. Some Portillo's has pasta, while others don't. Either way, the food is the bomb.

They have burgers, hot dogs, salads, Italian beef, pasta, and the best part about Portillo's is their chocolate cake. They even do a chocolate cake shake! This shake is like from a whole different universe. You'd think it wouldn't taste good but it is delicious. I have not had anywhere in the South where I can get a variety of food as I can at Portillo's. They're open all day and constantly busy throughout the whole day. My favorite thing to order is a chopped salad, the bread they give you on the side just melts in your mouth. Two items that are very popular to order is a burger or a Chicago style hot dog.

My boyfriend obsesses over their burgers. The South could really benefit having Portillo's all throughout. There's so many in the Midwest and they just started putting some in Florida, California, and Arizona. The majority of where these restaurants are located in the Midwest. I know there are people from the Midwest who go to school in the South and if you're ever feeling homesick, you could just drive on over to a Portillo's. Not only that, I think the South needs Portillo's because it is just so good and I feel like the South could use a place like this!

I think Portillo's would become everyone's go to if this place was everywhere. If you're ever in the Midwest and close to a Portillo's, it is a place you must try!