Why Texans are So in Love with Texas
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Why Texans are So in Love with Texas

Everything is Bigger there, but Why?

Why Texans are So in Love with Texas

There's something about the way they explain it. Something about how they are so in love with just a certain piece of land. Something that makes a smile protrude from their lips and make the skin crawl on everyone else around them. Face it; Texans are madly in love with Texas. 

It's a funny thing really when you think about it. So many people are crazy about "The Lone Star State"  but leave it to go find a job else where or go off to college. Still, you never hear someone talk about growing up in Georgia or Florida. But trust me, all it takes is a key word and BOOM Texans are off to the races talking about their state faster than Lane Frost riding a bull (only Texans will get that joke.)

I was lucky enough to grow up there and everyday I miss it. A lot of the times kids really don't even want to leave the state, but thanks to Texas laws only 10 percent of students get into state schools....really only 10 percent. I bet you can guess where I ended up going to an out of school. 

Still, with Texas Independence Day coming to an end, people have asked me all day; "What's so special about Texas anyways?" Really thinking about it, I don't know where I should start. 

Maybe it's spending a weekend in San Antonio and enjoying a margarita on the River walk.

Or going to the Red River Shootout in Dallas and watching the Longhorns play the Oklahoma Sooners during the Texas State Fair.

It could be enjoying a day floating the Guadalupe river. Or the Red river, or even San Marco river...really anyone of them are fine. 

Maybe it's the fact everyone will sing along when "Deep in the Heart of Texas" is played. 

Or the fact we say the Texas pledge every day after the Pledge of Allegiance.

Or that we're the only state to celebrate the Battle of the Alamo or Texas Independence day.

And that we have a day dedicated in school called "Go Texan Day". 

There's also the fact that Texas has some of the top schools in the country to attend such as The University of Texas, Baylor, Texas Cristian University and Texas A&M. 

Maybe it's because there's almost nothing that used to compare to a Thanksgiving evening watching the Longhorns and Aggies fight to the death...both in the stands and on the field. 

And the fact that fans want the rivalry back every day. 

It could be the fact that we know the true meaning of Mexican food and everywhere else is subpar. 

Or the fact that we know the true definition of Bar-B-Que thanks to the Salt Lick in Driftwood. 

It could be that we have the great town of Shiner that brews some the best beer in the country. 

Or the fact that Dr. Pepper is basically the first drink of choice in any gas station or diner. 

Maybe it's the fact that high school football is more of a religion for us then anywhere else in the country. 

You know, they made an award winning movie and TV show based on it.

And Homecoming takes a full week to celebrate then a single night. 

It could be that everything is just bigger down there (trucks, drinks, cinnamon rolls).

Maybe it's the fact that country music can be found at any bar, honkey tonk or pickup truck bonfire party.

Or that two stepping is taught at a young age. 

That we have legends such as George Strait and Willie Nelson to save country music. 

And that we have the biggest rodeo of year in Houston starting in March. 

But honestly, I think it's just looking at a sunset from the back of a pickup truck that makes Texas something different. 

So to your answer your question, I don't know what makes Texas so great and why Texans love it so much. One thing is for certain though, our love will never go away. 

Happy Texans Independence Day to all.    

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