Why Small Towns Are Boring
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Why Small Towns Are Boring

Small Towns are the worst and there are plenty of cons that outweigh the pros. I

Why Small Towns Are Boring
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There are many people in this world who prefer to live in a small quiet town compared to a bigger town or even the big cities like New York or Los Angeles. I have grown up in a small town my whole life and have traveled to many big cities throughout the country. There is no better feeling than traveling to a new place because it is always more exciting than what you are used to and you can have new experiences. Also, explaining to people where you live especially when you live in the middle of nowhere on a back road or outside of town can be a bit of a pain as well as many other struggles.

When you live in a small town and get hungry for fast food you have to drive way too far to get it. Working out at the gym is a hassle in itself to have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest one. The major shopping places like Walmart, Target, and the mall are all so far away and it truly hurts your gas tank to drive so much. Friends from nearby towns may ask you to meet them at a restaurant, bowling alley, or a movie theater and you have to leave earlier than everyone else and you always get home late due to the further drive. The inconvenience is very annoying and can definitely be frustrating for people that people may not realize.

Getting a job close to can also be tough because most small towns lack the opportunities for jobs or places to work causing people to have to spend more money in gas on driving to their workplace. They also have fewer chances of doing big things at school due to being a smaller population. The school classes are smaller and there are fewer people in the town so everyone knows everyone. If you do not like someone it is hard, because odds are you will see many of the people you dislike at school or work every day and have to deal with people. The sports teams are usually not very good and the budget for many sports and clubs are little to nothing. Some schools do not even have certain spots or clubs due to the budget and it takes away chances for students to improve their lives.

Next, the lack of fun things to do is a struggle. There are no amusements parks, zoos, aquariums, major museums, conventions nearby and of course, the beach is always without reach. Ting to find something to do other than hanging with friends at your house or at the local mall is still something I struggle with at 21. There are many places you strive to want to visit, but it is all so far away and hard to afford because of the distance. Major colleges are far away, so when you finally do leave you are super far from your family and the friends you actually talk to. Describing your town is hard because people have always never heard of it, so you have to say nearby places that are well known.

Also, dating can also be hard because of people spreading rumors and the breakups are the worst. People will also be talking about each other a lot since people know each other and hear all about their private lives. People will always be in your families business so the minute something bad happens half the town knows and people never stop asking you about it. The same people always come to your job and sometimes even the rude ones continue shopping with your company every day giving you the same problems.

Small towns are not for everyone and I have hated growing up here. I truly love my family, but I know this place is not for me and I want to travel the world and experience new places and new things. I hope I can visit all major cities throughout the world and gain a new look at life and make an impact on society that I do not have in the small town nobody has never heard of. Small towns limit many opportunities and although they have some great perks, they are nowhere close to outweighing the cons.

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