Why Prioritizing In College Is A Necessity

Why Prioritizing In College Is A Necessity

No, you can't do everything.


This week I realized that I cannot do everything in college. No, I cannot do all my clubs, along with all my homework, along with all my classes, along with my social life, along with me time, along with getting ahead, along with trying to maintain that GPA.

I began to lose track of time, fall behind on homework and even miss half of a class. Needless to say, this was nothing like me, at all. Yes, I'm involved in way too much and put too much pressure on myself, but there had to be a way to make all of this work.

Prioritizing? Yes, I have heard this concept before and never actually gave this a shot because I assumed that, like most people, I could do everything in the least amount of time possible. But here I am, thinking that maybe I should actually do it instead of cramming everything in about 16 hours of the day.

So I listened to some wise words and decided that this was the route to go, and here is what I came up with:

You should only do about 4 things a day. These include:





When you finish these, you can make time for anything else that comes your way, but don't over do it.

Make sure that your prioritize your homework and only do what you can do.

Make sure you always get you time in. If you don't, then you will just become more stressed by not leaving any time to unwind.

The point of all this is to realize that you can't do everything, because I thought that I could, and in reality I couldn't. So, it's important that you prioritize what you can and can't so that way you know what your limits are and you can ultimately accomplish your goals and in the end, do everything.

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