Why People Hate Doing Statistics

I didn't start this summer with a fun day at the beach with my friends, or a lazy wine-sipping-at-two-in-the-afternoon kind of day. I started this summer with a course I haven't liked since I took it in high school. Statistics.

I'm sure most can relate to hating math. But I can't tell you how much more I despise my failure at understanding it. It's not just that the math is ridiculous and annoying, it's that I have always struggled with math and thus I psych myself out, even when I start the class doing well.

When I was a child, I had a tutor that started helping me when I was seven, until he moved away my junior year. All that help, all those homework assignments, and at-home quizzes didn't mean anything if I didn't have my tutor. So as of my junior year of high school, I barely scathed by in any mathematics subject.

Imagine my dismay when finding out what I had to do in college. I scored pretty low on the math test they gave us at orientation so I ended up in intermediate algebra. I hated the fact that I had to take more math classes even though I wasn't studying anything math-related.

I understand that math is necessary for real life, but I don't think anything more than basic arithmetic should be taught to those who aren't in math or science-based degrees.

Give me addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division... I will do it. But if you try to ask me to find a Z-score, I will end you.

All in all, I guess I'm more upset about constantly struggling to understand something that tends to come easier to those around me, specifically math. I just hope I get through the summer with at least a C. I'm almost ready to graduate, please. Just let me graduate.

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