We are less than a year away from the most important event, the 2016 Presidential Election, and so far there have been many debates from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. We, the American people are so frustrated with recent events of how our country is changing and how the current President has been running our country. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, Donald Trump is a Republican candidate and as of right now he is ahead of all of his opponents.

We have all seen Donald Trump speak in the debates and for interviews. We know what he stands for and we know that he wants to make America great again. Regardless of opinions, Donald Trump is the highlight of America right now. Let me describe my opinion and justify my reasoning for this.

Of course Trump can be arrogant, rude, and impulsive, but no one can deny that he is extremely smart. He started out as a New York Real Estate Developer and progressed into a savvy businessman. He has made billions throughout his life by himself. As of 2015, he is running for President and is ready to make America great again.

People love Donald Trump because he speaks what the American people are thinking. Trump is tired of people being politically correct and not telling the truth. He is ready to make a change. He is the first presidential candidate that the United States has ever had that is so outspoken and so passionate about the United States. Why wouldn’t we want someone who would make the United States their first priority or someone who would take care of the people in the U.S before anything else? I think that is more than overdue and we need a President who will do that. Donald Trump has stated over and over again that he will do that.

Yes, his strategies are questionable whether it be him saying, “bomb the sh*t out of them, bomb all of their oil fields, or his proposed theory of building a wall.” He does have a point. He knows the American people are frustrated with the current events and he is trying his best to find ways to fix it. We have all seen that he does not back down from a fight and we need someone like that. Throughout the upcoming debates, he will describe how he will execute all of his plans and make our wonderful country even better.

I am interested to see what he has to say throughout the upcoming debates. We know that Donald Trump loves America, we know that he wants to make America great again, and we know that he speaks what is on our minds so my question is, why not Donald Trump?