According to astrology, a Virgo is anyone born between August 23rd and September 22nd. There's a reason scientists named the group of galaxies that we live in the "Virgo Supercluster." Whether it's as a friend, a romantic partner, a roommate, a family member, or anything in between, it's most beneficial to have a Virgo in your life.

Virgos make the best companions because they are:

Analytical: The first thing that comes to mind when the word "Virgo" is mentioned is "analytical." In fact, Virgos are famous for their eye for detail and ability to catch onto things that every one else may have missed. If you need to decipher a text message from your crush (They used the winking emoji... What does that mean?), a Virgo will be able to read between the lines and tell you exactly what bae meant. Struggling to put together an outfit for a night out? Your Virgo friend will be able to see exactly what looks best on you and which pieces of clothing you should probably avoid. Redecorating your room, emailing your professors, preparing for a job interview... Virgos are the problem-solvers of the Zodiac, and can help you through any foreseeable problem thanks to their analytical mind.

(Nicole Richie, September 21st)

Witty: A common misconception about the Virgo sign is that they're "boring" or overly stuffy. While it's true that Virgos are generally pretty practical, they are far from boring. Thanks to their excellent understanding of human nature and fast-thinking minds, Virgos tend to be the wittiest and most sarcastic of the Zodiacs. Adam Sandler, Dave Chapelle, Charlie Sheen: What do these men have in common? All of these people are famous for their sense of humor, and all of them were born under the Virgo sign.

(Jimmy Fallon, September 19th)

Compassionate: Virgos are often described as "old-souls." Virgos are conscientious by nature and deeply care about doing what is "right", not what is easy or what is most beneficial to themselves. The symbol of the Virgo is the Goddess, and it has nothing to do with being a "girly" sign. In fact, Virgos are probably one of the toughest signs in all of astrology. The Goddesses most often associated with Virgos are the ones that represent fertility or harvest (Demeter of Greek mythology, Ceres of Roman mythology, Ishtar of Babylonian mythology, etc.) because they are the nurturers, the life-givers. Virgos, like those old goddesses of myth, are known for their willingness to sacrifice so that others may prosper. Virgos may seem delicate or withdrawn, but the Virgo has a fighting spirit and will especially fight to help others.

(Prince Harry, September 15th)

Intelligent: Virgos are the best people to have in your life due to their intelligent natures. They not only love to learn, but they learn quickly. This doesn't mean all Virgos are super smart whiz kids who ace every test. Virgos love to learn, yes, but only about things that interest them and catch their attention. A Virgo who has no interest in math may not be a math genius, but a Virgo who finds math interesting is probably the highest scorer on tests and quizzes because they genuinely like what they're learning. It doesn't need to be about school-related subjects, either. A VIrgo who loves makeup can probably do makeup like a pro. A Virgo who loves Game of Thrones can tell you the history and backgrounds of every single character on the show. A Virgo who loves to cook can probably outshine everyone else in the kitchen. Basically, when a Virgo is interested in a topic, they don't take that interest lightly. When it comes to something they're interested in, it's all or nothing with a Virgo, which makes them great friends/study-buddies/anything else.

(Hermione Granger, September 19th)

Independent: Virgos are self-sustaining and independent. This makes them a great addition to anyone's life. Virgos hate to rely on others too much or too often, because they don't like to be a burden, so one never needs to worry about a Virgo taking advantage. Emotionally, Virgos may seem stubborn, but it's just that they have a strong sense of self and form opinions that they fully believe in. Because of the critical nature of Virgos, if they feel strongly about something, it's probably because they're right and they know it. They don't blindly follow the crowd, unless the crowd is doing what the Virgo believes in. A Virgo friend never needs to be emotionally coddled, they probably have a firm hold of their thoughts and feelings. Their analytical nature means that Virgos are always striving to better themselves, and probably those around them. Virgos strive for greatness, and often hope to bring their loved ones into greatness as well.

(Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, September 4th)

Loyal: A Virgos analytical and reserved nature may make it hard to get close to a Virgo at first, as they like to take some time and if they find you "worthy" of their companionship. This is because, just like when it comes to learning about things that interest them, Virgos don't take relationships lightly. Romantically or as friends, once you capture a Virgos attention, they dedicate 100% to the relationship. It takes a lot to force a Virgo to let go, as they are usually always wiling to see the good in others and give second chances. There is no half-way with a Virgo. When they're dedicated, they're dedicated.

(Nick Jonas, September 16th)