My dream confirmed we are limitless

My dream confirmed we are limitless

It's time to release your limitations

Dreaming is a very fascinating phenomenon. It is a topic in which very little has been discovered though much progress has been made over the years. That being said, from my knowledge, understanding, and experience, I have come to believe that when we sleep, all resistance resides, and we temporarily escape and can tune to the pure non resistant energy that lives within us. We can learn a lot by studying our dreams because it shows us where our thoughts have been focusing on in our awakened state, and can also lead to great insights and messages. My dream last week brought me exactly that.

Starring out into the dusk, with tall mountains covered in lush green grass on either side, I thought to myself "I want to fly."

"But wait!", my logical mind turned on.

"If I do that, I may fall."

I paused for a moment and looked out at the tall luscious mountain in the far distance, covered with houses twinkling in the night, as though it was adorned with white christmas lights.

"But I'm dreaming, so I can do anything! I'm limitless!" I leaped as far out as I could.

I hovered over the ground for just a moment before souring up into the air. I starred below, marveling at the majestic town that was below me. Grinning ear to ear, I was in awe of my surroundings in this surreal yet conscious state. I twirled in the air, giddy with excitement about the beauty, awareness, and insights I was receiving.

Hovering over the town below, like the scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I received the message that this dream was not much different than life. I'm not saying I woke up the next day and tried to fly, but if there was no resistance or subconscious limiting beliefs, we could attract whatever it is that we desire and focus on with ease. The journey to our dreams and desires could really be as fun and effortless as flying in a dream.

We have these beliefs that in order to get something big that we want, we have to do a lot of hard work, and push through all of the obstacles and struggles that come up. What if those obstacles and struggles are just manifested resistance and limiting beliefs that resides within us? What if we let go of the resistance and had a different belief? What if we trusted our inner guidance and the natural laws of the universe to intuitively guide us effortlessly to our dreams? What if we believed that life was but a dream?

Cover Image Credit: Brooke Lyn Landon

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Everyone Should Know And Understand This William Longgood Quote

It is important that you take your dreams and find the ones that are realistic to pursue in your life.

"Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination." A wonderful life quote by William Longgood that I enjoy so much.

I felt the need to share this quote with all of you because of the volume it speaks. It’s not always the words that are important, but the way they are worded and read. I feel as if this quote opens your eyes to one part of what it takes to achieve success in your life.

Everyone should have dreams; big and little, realistic and unrealistic, powerful and dull. It is important that you take your dreams and find the ones that are realistic to pursue in your life.

Once you have picked a dream you want to live up to, you must find and keep the dedication to work at this dream no matter the circumstances. Anyone can have a dream, but no dream will come true unless you put the work in to make it happen.

If you do not have the true dedication to making your dreams come true, then they never will and you will settle for what is given to you. This is why this quote stands true.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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8 Things To Actually Start Doing In 2018

Because we already should've been doing most of them!

Here are 8 things to be doing that we probably should already be doing. They aren’t so much resolutions as they are things to be mindful of and to work towards. No strict rules here! Who knows though, maybe you could work some in to your resolutions list?!

1. Take your Vitamins

Take the probiotic when you are sick (or healthy. You do you!). Take the daily multi-vitamin (we are all getting old). And drink the dang Emergen-C when everyone starts getting sick. Also, please take any additional vitamins you need if you’re difficient in something like Vitamin D. Just take em. We have to give up the Flintstone vitamins at some point.

2. Stretch

Every year, there’s the huge kick in the butt to workout more and eat super healthy, but stretching is so SO important. Incorporate it next time you go to the gym!

3. Read (and not on social media!)

I think it is so important to read books. I feel like everyone I know has sort of left that behind because they don’t have time or they can’t get in the mood to read. So grab a book or a newspaper and cozy up to some quality reading time!

4. Meditate

To all the skeptics, look up the science. The movement of meditation has blossomed so quickly, culturally and scientifically. Science was able to prove all its benefits, so everyone went nuts about meditating. Different types work better for different people, so look up what might be best for you. If that’s too much work, start with an app like HeadSpace or Meditation Studio (I use the latter and love it). If that too is daunting to you, start by playing some soft music and just taking some time out of your day to breathe and be with your body and breath.

5. Workout but Keep a Balance

It’s so amazing to set new fitness goals as part of a New Year’s Resolution, but it’s vital that you keep a realistic balance. Don’t overwork yourself because then you’ll get burnt out, but make sure your goals are attainable yet challenging!

6. Have more Colorful Plates

Going along with above, eating healthy is excellent! But make sure it is something you can realistically stick to. Drastic diet changes work for most people (at least for a little) but often hard to sustain. So, something I’ve heard all the time is to have tons of color of your plate. Greens and reds versus whites and browns. Make your plate look more like a rainbow by adding more fruits and veggies to each meal!

7. Drink Water

Nough said. Let’s get to it!

8. Less Electronic Time

So many young people spend ridiculous amounts of time on their phones (in particular), but also computers, iPads, and TV. People are becoming so disconnected from the world and people around them. This one is tough because we are all guilty of it, but it would definitely do us some good if we spent a little less time on Facebook or Twitter and more time with family and friends or activities.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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