1. We really are a family

Everyone is so genuine at Mississippi State. If you need help someone will be there to help you, doesn't matter if it is physically needing help on a homework assignment or even mentally getting through the thrill of college. Everyone has each other's back. A quote that I think of when this topic comes around is, "Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family'' by Steven Jay Jarrot. To me this quote proves that as long as we are loyal to our peers they are just as much family to us as our own.

2. Friends

If I wouldn't have gone to MSU I would have half of the friendships I do now. I've meet so many people because of State and all the organizations it has on and off campus. The friendships that I have gained here at Mississippi State have impacted my life in every good way possible. Also, since there is such a wide variety of people you will never be alone or left out, there is always new people who are willing to take you in as their friend.

3. Home away from home

Mississippi state is about two hours from my house. It's not so far that it is a terrible drive for me to drive home but it is also far enough where I can get away from my family. I do love my family, it's just nice to get away sometimes. This new place that I call home holds a special place in my heart because I have so many new "family members" or friends. My actual family is my heart and joy, but they tend to use up all my patients in one visit.

4. Starkville

There are a lot of things you can do in the Starkville/Columbus area believe it or not. In Starkville there is a skating rink, lots of places to eat, and a movie theater. In Columbus there is a bowling alley, Krispy Kreme, and tons of places to shop. And if its not obvious by now I do all these things a lot, but mostly on the weekends when I have some free time.

5. Opportunity

There are many opportunities at MSU, as Albert Einstein once said, ''In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." I take this quote personal because I did go to a big public school but many things about it gave me anxiety, so my parents switched me to a private school, which I loved. Coming out of a private school and into a big university like Mississippi State is a big step that I decided to take, and I am happy that I did it because now my eyes have been opened to a whole new world.

6. Diversity

Mississippi state is so diverse. There are so many people of different cultures and different believes at Mississippi state. It is actually pretty amazing if you think about it, there are people from all over the united states at the school. I've met people from New York, Chicago, California, and its crazy that they are in Mississippi.