Throughout my entire life, I never considered myself the "smart" friend.

When college came around, it seemed my belief was further confirmed. My best friends were going to school to study subjects such as engineering, nursing, and various sciences ranging from neuroscience to environmental sciences. Then there was me. I almost applied undecided, but quickly realized The College of Communications was my place. While I was absolutely thrilled when I got accepted, getting in seemed insignificant compared to a lot of my peers and best friends.

My friends would bond over their chemistry classes - ha - and exhausting labs, while I would sit there in mere confusion, wondering if my knowledge about grammar really mattered all that much.

But I'm a writer. Of course, it matters.

I hear people belittling themselves all the time, but why? Just the other day, I heard a girl laugh when she was asked if she could help fix a computer. "What do you think? I'm a comm major!" she blurted out. She probably meant it as a joke, but it just goes to show how unnecessarily hard we are on ourselves.

I also hear of people belittling others quite often. I think the reason why is, as college students, many of us have a lot of built up stress and frustration. We're around other people all the time and sometimes the easiest way to take out all that aggravation is on others. I have outright heard numerous people say that their majors are harder than their friends' majors, going even further and asking questions similar to, "what is he going to do with that major?" or sarcastically saying, "I just love when people with easy majors complain."

Yes, I used to belittle myself too, or think these things about others, but that doesn't help anyone. Math and science courses still remain extremely difficult in my mind, but for people who genuinely want to be engineers, these classes may be just fine. Maybe their struggles lie in writing essays or giving speeches. My point is that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, so why belittle each other? Why belittle ourselves? If someone is putting in as much dedication as he or she possibly can, it doesn't matter what his or her major is, or how easy or difficult those classes appear to be.

The most important thing is that this person is diligent. Because that's what is going to carry us all towards success in the end.