There seems to be a strive for perfection when it comes to females. Whether it's a teen or an adult, girls typically have this idea that they must meet a certain criteria set by society. However, there are certain aspects of ourselves that we cannot change.


Why is it that we let the things we cannot control destroy us?

Why do we let past love affect our relationships with future ones?

Why do we let the appearance of a size zero, bleach blonde model, belittle our confidence?

These are the questions that I, and thousands of other girls ask every day.

But, why don’t we actually stand up and find the answers to these questions?

Why do we let things that do not matter, change the way we live our lives?

Because …

In reality, those things do not matter.

The boy who decided not to love you back, does not matter.

Despite the pain you felt, he left your life for a reason, and you should not let his absence stop you from finding a new love.

The shape of your nose, does not matter,

So, do not wish you looked like anything other than yourself.

Because whether you believe it or not, someone loves how pointy it is and all of the freckles that cover it.

Oh, and that size zero bleach blonde model ...

She is not perfect, so stop idolizing her for her looks.

Because as cliché as this may sound, her looks do not matter, and do not define her as a person.

What does matter is being able to look past the imperfections and accepting who you are,

And using each and every day to make yourself better.

Follow your dreams and strive for greatness that will not satisfy those around you, but rather yourself.

You were put on this earth to make you own path and follow it, so do not let others force you to wander from who you are meant to be.