Why I'm Grateful To Have Siblings

Most of the time you hear someone talk about their brothers and sisters, you usually hear them talking about how annoying they are.

“My sister is ALWAYS wearing my clothes, and she never puts them back.”

“Ugh, I can’t stand it when my brother blares his music while I’m trying to do ]homework.”


Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. We are always talking about how nosy they are, how they are stealing our phone chargers or taking too long in the shower. As a matter of fact, I say those things on a daily basis. What we never hear, though, is why we love our siblings.

I am the oldest of four; I have a brother and two sisters (my poor brother). They drive me crazy, but instead of talking about that, I’m gonna share some of the reason why I’m so grateful to have them.

1. They taught me how to fight.

From slap boxing to chasing each other around the house, to being pinned down on the living room floor... you've fought with them so many times you could be the next UFC champ.

2. They taught me patience.

They take an hour in the bathroom and they always make you late, but you love them anyways. You just had to learn how to walk away and not bite their head off (aka the true meaning of patience).

3. They taught me responsibility.

Being the oldest, I always had to watch my younger siblings. I had to make sure they were fed, bathed, entertained, and in bed on time. I also had to make sure they were up on time for school or games or whatever family event we had to get to (which also required a lot of patience)

4. They taught me the true meaning of loyalty.

I would throw down for my little siblings in a heartbeat, no matter the circumstance. Hint: that's a warning to their future boyfriend/girlfriend- I'm watchin' you.

5. They taught me to be a bigger person.

A lot of times, instead of taking out your rage on your little siblings when they did something to make you mad, you just had to walk away. Send them thanks for basically teaching you something that is true to all aspects of life.

6. They taught me how to love unconditionally.

I would do ANYTHING for any of my siblings, no questions asked. There are few people I can say that about, but those three little twerps will always have my support whenever it's needed.

These few things barely scratch the surface, but they help give some insight as to why we actually have SO many reasons to be thankful that we have them. Yeah, they drive us crazy 99.9999 percent of the time, but they played a huge part in shaping the kind of person we become. So, when you see your sibling(s) today, give ‘em a huge hug, and tell them that you love them.

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